Fueling Passion To Fulfill His Dreams

Shaikh Rafi- Founder, Shaikh Consultants

Shaikh Rafi, a Mumbai-based entrepreneur who is exceptionally following his passion and chasing his dreams for the last 9 years. He is a successful and passionate interior designer who puts some unique concepts in his every project. His competency of being unique and apparently his uniqueness in work defines him and his work! His dream of doing something different always encouraged him to incept his own business, which can also help him in bringing economical changes in society. He believes this way ample of employment opportunities can be created, which will also help him escalate his venture. His deep faith in Holy ‘Prophet Mohammad Sallahu Alaihiwa-sallam’ makes him a blessed soul.

He has bagged ‘India Excellence Award 2019’ for ‘Best commercial interior designer in Mumbai’.

During early stages of his career, he also faced some teething problems while establishing his business. Many of his initial clients never paid him once their projects were done, but his willingness and passion remained by his side, which never let him give up. And he believes “I learnt not to give up at every step of my career.”

Convincing his own-self that he can achieve his goal, had been his biggest challenge but once he was 50% convinced, he became confident of achieving his goals. He immensely believes in self motivation and it’s only his passion that is letting him fulfill his dreams. As just thinking about achieving a goal is not all one needs, a lot of efforts need to be put into that, he looked at tons of opportunities in the market, and soon realized that ‘Building construction’ is growing in the market every day. This thought made him identify the opportunity in the market and he soon tapped into it with all his knowledge, passion and learning in Interior Designing.

As everyone has some uniqueness in its own way, Shaikh Rafi too has….
“On a lighter note, you can say my DNA is unique, no one has the same structure as of mine!”, he laughs while signing off.

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