Wedding Gown Designer Of The New Decade

Rosemary McDermott- Owner, Rosetta’s Wedding Store

The celebrated wedding store sensation in Kolkata- ‘Rosetta’s Wedding Store’ is one of a kind store in Kolkata. It is owned by Rosemary McDermott, a high spirited woman who is also a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, and life hasn’t been the same since!

“I am a go getter; but I like to push people more!”, she says.

Sharing her story with us, she recalls the time when she could never afford new clothes and would always borrow them from relatives and friends. This highly courageous lady, who couldn’t get a chance to wear a wedding gown on her wedding, came forward with a thought of making brides feel gorgeous about themselves. She had always imagined herself being the best Christian Wedding gown designer, and now she is one of the best ones in the town!!

Rosemary McDermott, who is an inspiration for many, has left no stone unturned to become her own inspiration and the one she can always be proud of! She motivates herself every single day to achieve her goals and to put a smile on her clients’ faces.

She had to shut her store 4 times as she had exhausted major chunk of money on her cancer treatment but every time she had to start off again, she never had to do it from scratch. She is a courageous woman, who is never a quitter; she fell and picked herself again!

Educating herself on latest trends had not been a cakewalk for her; being forty and learning things in a new way is really a task! She is a self taught artist who never really had gone to a fashion school, consequently everything she does; she has learnt and picked up from her employees. She incepted her venture with door to door deliveries, and most of her business kick-started by word of mouth. And now with 7 years in this profession, she has established a great clientele and has built immense reputation for her work.

Rosemary is a self motivated woman entrepreneur who has got a unique bent of mind. This highly diligent and creative soul aptly describes herself in her own words, “Nothing makes me unique but the fact I under promise and over deliver, with the help of my employees, and this is my greatest strength”.

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