He is a young entrepreneur whose fascination to help people with effective home loan solutions made him rise to the top

It is quite inspiring to witness the young generation of today striving hard to create solutions for a common man’s struggles. Summet Pareek, a 27-year-old young enthusiast, has brought about a revolution in the field of loans sector. He initiated his startup at the early age of 21 years old and he has achieved much at the present age of 27 years.

Completing his graduation in the year 2015 from Aurangabad, he was still associated with a construction firm. Then, since the year 2015, Sumeet has been working with his own startup named ‘Loan Intouch‘. The agency revolved around helping people with procuring home loans and it received a really good response. The next step was venturing into multiple cities such as Jalna, Pune, Nashik. The firm is now planning to enter the market in 10 different cities by the year end of 2021.

Sumeet’s firm basically acts as a bridge between the bank and their customers who are seeking home loans. The firm lends a helping hand to the clients in assembling different documents needed for making a home loan application and then getting the loan cleared without any hassles. The best part is that the firm does not charge the client a single penny. Yes, the service is absolutely free of cost!

Sumeet was hassled to witness a common man going through many difficulties just to get an application for a home loan passed. This inspired him to initiate his consultancy wherein he would understand the entire process and help people get through their loan applications in the bank flawlessly.

When talking of obstacles, Sumeet says that “Until anything is accomplished, everything is an obstacle.” However, some of the main obstacles that he could lay his finger on were lack of human resources and effective capital investment, trying to gain the customer’s trust in the initial days, and of course self motivation. But, Sumeet strived hard to defeat all these obstacles and emerge as a winning entrepreneur who has many accomplishments waiting for him to be achieved.

Sumeet imbibed his entrepreneur skills from Elon Musk’s life. Sumeet when asked about his inspirations mentions,

“I idolize Elon Musk because I resonate with him when it comes to learning, taking risks, his passion for his work ,his attitude towards failure and his zest to succeed.”

This inspiration and strong zeal to work towards his goal has helped Sumeet win many accolades in his sphere of work. But recently, he was awarded “Best quality home loans Proposals” in Aurangabad and Pune. In addition to these accolades, Sumeet has learned that every client comes with a lesson of his own. You not only get to learn from your failures but even your vistories. As per Sumeet, both failures and victories make you realize what actually works and what does not in your working sphere.

When asked about any advice for budding entrepreneurs out there, Sumeet says,

“Just be Patient Enough and trust your abilities”.

These pearls of words have made Sumeet a fine, young, successful entrepreneur, and this if followed precisely can help create many more Sumeets out there!

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