Providing eco-friendly yet affordable solutions in architectural space, since 2017

Tirthankar Dey – Founders, Indian Studio of Architecture and Interior Design (ISAID)

Established in 2017, India Studio of Architecture and Interior Design aka ISAID, is the brainchild of a young architecture who dreamt of having his own firm to serve clients with best of design solutions. Tirthankar Dey, founded ISAID at the age of 25 years, when most of youngsters remain worried about chalking out the right career path. Born and brought up in a middle-class family, Tirthankar always had high dreams and aspirations, and he did really work hard to achieve the same. Even though financial condition hindered his higher studies, but his architecture degree from ‘Royal School of Architecture’ helped him fetch a job that gave him good exposure into the his field of work.

Although he was employed, his objective of opening his own firm was always at the top of his mind. In fact his views towards Architecture changed a lot during his internship at Footprints E.A.R.T.H, Ahmedabad, where he was overwhelmed with the subtle, natural, sustainable, and context-centric design generated by the firm. Tirthankar started his firm with a capital of Rs 50,000 only and now has a turnover of 20 lakhs in just 4 years of its existence. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, his family had been a great support. Friends and relatives encouraged him too.

With an employee strength of 5, ISAID is running smoothly even during the rough pandemic period, when mostly all worked from home and on necessity basis they visited sites. Tirthankar is very particular in obeying the state bylaws while dealing with projects, all the guidelines and policies defined by NBC are strictly followed. Though they have high concentration of projects in North East, ISAID provides architecture, interior designing, landscaping, civil and construction services in different parts of India too.

On asking the secret mantra of his company’s success, Tirthankar opens up, he points out,

“We focus on customer satisfaction, as delighted customer brings in more business. We provide an enjoyable, eco-friendly, yet affordable space for them. Our designs are modern and clients can correlate it with their ongoing lifestyle.”

He also remains updated with all the latest designing software and technology, and the choice of materials that would ensure gradual growth of his business. In a competitive market place, it is pertinent to be unique in terms of your offering to the clients.

A successful entrepreneur must possess interpersonal skill as well as strong decision making capabilities. While there are hassles in running your own business, it does come with few perks – it empowers you and makes you completely independent. One who overcomes initial struggles, will always emerge as a successful entrepreneur. To young and budding entrepreneur, Tirthankar advices to take bold decisions in every step of the journey – it is not easy to leave behind a well settled job and struggle to build something of your own, and for that one has to enjoy what he loves doing.

Ar. Louis I. Kahn, the Philadelphia based renowned architect, has always been the greatest inspiration to Tirthankar. The fact that Kahn was born in a poor family, struggled all through his career and went on to become American’s greatest architecture thrills Tirthankar and makes him believe that nothing can come your way if you are firm on your focus and objective. With this the dynamic young architect signs off.

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