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Nitin Jain & Job Philip – Co-Founders, Assert AI

Two IIT Bombay alumni got together to form one of the leading Computer Vision AI companies in the country. With its proprietary Deep Learning techniques, they generate data which hitherto provides extraordinary opportunities for businesses to eke out operational efficiencies, increase output, improve client experience with reduced costs. Assert AI that was established in early 2018. Its co-founders, Nitin Jain & Job Philip, are two dynamic entrepreneurs in their early forties, who left their well-set jobs and founded this SaaS firm which now takes pride in being a ground breaking solution provider to countless domains like retail, manufacturing, warehousing, traffic management, logistics & supply chains, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, et al.

Nitin is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to create value for the entire startup ecosystem. He is scaling Assert AI with a vision to become the largest player in the Computer Vision domain. Earlier he headed OYO Rooms’ Western India Operations, and was also the Founder-CEO of Machadalo, which was covered by NDTV Unicorn, ET Now, Times Now, VC Circle and YourStory. Nitin also founded Infolitics in 2006, an information research and analytics firm and established and managed two research and analytics functions from scratch. Whereas, Job has spent 14 years working on investment strategy in the financial sector, including positions at ICICI Venture, Kotak Mahindra and Yes Bank. He left investing in 2019 to explore his passion for AI-human collaboration and has loved every day since. Job is also an IIM Lucknow alumnus and a racket sports freak.

According to Job Philip, “We are enthusiastic engineers, developers and coders who work on Deep Learning AI to improve the way one runs business through disruptive innovation. We love problems, and more than that, we love solving them. Our business goals are aligned with that of our client’s. We want to minimize their business challenges and optimize employee performance.”

Assert AI, so far has delivered 50+ unique applications to large corporates, SMEs and Government enterprises. It’s a performance-oriented organization that runs on a customer centric approach. Known to build customizable and result-oriented AI solutions to enable clients make giant strides in efficiency and data-based decision analytics, Assert AI definitely is helping its algorithm to achieve the impossible.

The algorithms developed by Assert AI is helping clients tremendously in operations such as facial recognition-based attendance, time keeping and employee monitoring, access control, resource management, automatic identification, classification and counting of objects, detection of safety gear/helmet/harness in industrial use, automatic number plate reading, fire/smoke detection, Inventory tracking, Intrusion detection, bay analytics, damage detection, drone based surveillance and monitoring. All these use cases trigger customizable multi-device alerts and notifications. The firm is known to address problems like labour dependency on repetitive tasks, human error, crucial tasks, productivity and resource management are solved using their technology ensuring high accuracy, increased speed, and reduced costs.

According to Job, moving forward, computer vision has a huge potential in the near future. Be it smart cities, traffic and parking management, bay analytics in logistics, shipping and warehousing, patient monitoring in healthcare, health & safety in heavy industries or business intelligence in retail – solutions offered by Assert AI are future ready.

Assert AI’s high level of accuracy in computer vision which is unheard of in the existing market, undoubtedly gives it a competitive edge. Their solutions are compatible with most CCTV cameras available in the market, so client’s existing infrastructure is well leveraged upon. Providing highly customized solution where algorithms can be created based on client’s needs – are some of the USPs that Assert AI brags about in the current market place. Their solutions are highly scalable and very secure on local GPU server too.

Nitin proudly states that, “Being IIT Bombay alumni, and a serial entrepreneur, the desire to contribute to the industry a futuristic solution has been eternal. Assert AI being one of the pioneers in Deep learning in India, we have already made space for ourselves in the sector in the Indian sub-continent. The encouragement comes naturally when you observe the struggles and challenges of businesses in all domains.”

Both Job and Nitin agree that a roadside tea seller is the biggest professional inspiration one can get. Be it his consistency, time management, inventory management in a small space, customization, customer engagement, understanding of market share and profits – there is so much to learn from every entrepreneur, no matter what the scale of your business is. These roadside enterprises may not become business empires that will one day be purchased by Google for billions of dollars. But they do provide insights into important marketing and operational truths. They both find and admire their new professional idols every day.   

Like any entrepreneurs, the founders of Assert AIT too have their own set of challenges. According to Job,

“Ours is a very novel industry. Like any other domain, there are everyday challenges, and everyday there’s progress. But the scale of challenges and progress here in the AI industry has been massive.”

For any new comer, a strong sense of optimism and high pain threshold are the qualities necessary due to the high risk and long hours of launching an early-stage company when success is far from certain. You would also need self-reliance, a desire to keep innovating, and an understanding that money isn’t everything. Budding entrepreneurs should refuse to be defined by your failures. You wouldn’t be 100% successful in one go. Success is a process, it is a net positive outcome that always includes an abundance of failure, experimentation, and learning. Scientists tell us that the universe itself exists only because there was an incredibly slight margin of matter over antimatter, amazingly just one particle per billion; it took a lot of destruction to create what’s left. If you fear failure, then, by definition, you are avoiding success. Get over it; the universe leans towards success!

Assert AI so far in their journey has been recognised for “Leadership Excellence Awards” and “The Most Aspiring AI Startup of the year 2022”, and we are certain that many more are to come its way. Here, wishing them all the best!!

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