Rizwan. I. Faram: A Smart Architect & Interior Designer

Rizwan. I. Faram is an Interior Designer and Architect who founded RF DESIGN in 2017. He is based in Surat, Gujarat and RF DESIGN offers its services all across the country. RF DESIGN has completed over 100 interior projects throughout India in the last five years. They specialize in restaurants, Residences, Hotels, Hospitals, etc., interior design & architecture.

Their brand’s strategy is that the first step of every project is to communicate with the client to understand exactly what they want their new space to look like. In the initial stage of talking to the client, it is an essential part of your job to ask various questions and listen to what the client has to say. RF DESIGN’s team asks the clients about their wishlists and the functionality they require in their space.

Then, you’ll have to take the required area into account and the space that is needed to carry out the functions. Rizwan. I. Faram believes that it is vital to feel the client’s taste and style and create a design keeping all these specifications in mind.

Proper evaluation of the client’s needs and wants will allow you to satisfy them in the best possible ways. Rizwan. I. Faram thinks that doing so ensures you meet the client’s requirements accurately. The next step is to sketch the plan and move ahead with the concept design. In this step, you must come up with the most effective ways to utilize the space of a building.

Rizwan. I. Faram also explained how RF DESIGN develops various drafts for the client. Once made, the sample sketch is presented in front of the client to help them visualize what their space will look like after successful completion. At this point, their team also comes up with an effective schedule for the client for when they can expect different stages of the work to be completed. This is also where you lay out the estimated cost of the project.

According to Rizwan. I. Faram, Architecture is a primary component of the surrounding environment, and it is a multisensory art used to understand and feel your surroundings. Therefore, you must use multisensory tools to create a fantastic design performance.

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