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Shubham Raj – Co-Founder, Creactive Media, Pune

Entrepreneurial success is not limited to metros and big cities, talented individuals from small towns are also making a mark in this space with their innovative offerings. Pune’s Creactive Media is one such venture which is making the right noise among its target audiences, and its co-founder Shubham Raj has small town roots. Hailing from Chhattisgarh’s Jagdalpur, the simple lifestyle and middle-class family values have motivated him to make an entrepreneurial jump at an early age of 24 years only. At this age, when most of the youngsters are worried in chalking out their career plan, Shubham is all busy in managing his Digital Marketing agency, thereby guiding other businesses to excel.

Incorporated in May 2021, Creactive started its journey during the pandemic period with a capital investment of 5 – 8 lakh only and today after 9 months in the industry it has done business worth 30 lakh and counting. Shubham has always been a free soul and have been doing his own business since he was 17. According to him,

“I firmly believe in staying on ground and aiming high. I always look for investment opportunities where I can learn and widen my horizon.”

Even before starting Creactive Media, Shubham had tried his hands in event, entertainment & hospitality industry, since 2015, and have handled more than 500 events in this tenure. Currently, with his team of highly experienced professionals, he has been shaping up the digital marketing agency, thereby offering services like developing online platforms, mobile development, software development, and other digital marketing services which improves the brand positioning and enhances the exposure of his clients. Shubham proudly tells us that,

“Currently we are working with more than 30+ Brands and Startups globally. And to us, our clients are more like a family to us. We are creative and active as well.”

Offering a plethora of services such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), marketing strategy, public speaking, PR, graphic design, logo design, packaging design, market research, product marketing and others; Creactive Media is that one Startup agency who understands the challenges of running any startup and hence charges optimal cost to its client that are mostly startups. With an aim to aid small and medium business setups to have visibility and prominent footmarks in digital space, Shubham’s agency is acquiring clients with satisfied results. The main USP of his agency is cost-effectiveness with quality offerings that’s where they are scoring in a cluttered market with so many agencies out there.

Apart from his mother, Asha Acharya, it is Rata Tata, who inspires him every day. Both his idols are an epitome of humbleness and helps him learn new ways to manage his business.

Shubham started as a Freelancer and worked for a year before founding an event management company, which ran into huge loss after initial impressive performances. This financial setback did teach him lessons in business, and made him realise the ups and downs he had to face in any entrepreneurial expedition. Along with his digital marketing agency, Shubham runs three more ventures, and believes in utilizing every opportunity that comes in our way by understanding thoroughly the requirement of the clients.

According to Shubham, these days people generally indulge themselves in job more functionally to earn money. If one starts loving his job, then things become easy and simple and more enjoyable. His down-to-earth nature makes him closer to employees and they consider him more like another colleague than a Boss. Being recipient of “Iconic Debut Bar by Times of India (Plunge Lounge)” he certainly is motivated to do best in his field and get recognised with more such awards and felicitations.

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