Her Courage And Constant Need For Success Made Her One Of Country’s Top Most Entrepreneurs

Dr Gaytri Ganu, Director, MPREX Healthcare, is India’s one of the leading ladies, whose constant efforts made the organization the best across every field of therapeutics. MPREX Healthcare delivers advanced Clinical Research Solutions and consultation through a broad suite of expert capabilities in therapeutics.

This leading Independent Asian Contract Research Organization (CRO) aka, MPREX expert in nutraceuticals with global proficiency differentiated by scientific innovation, leadership, and extensive investigator networks, along with staff operating in many countries. There are significant operations in India as well.

Business Foundation:

Back in 2008, this organization has been established. It is basically a Clinical trial business that helps the society to get new drugs that are safe & effective. She tells us that she has an efficient team that works hard and relentlessly to secure and guarantee the medicines that are going out of the lab are safe to consume.

The team is great and also they have all in-house developed research platforms. For the upcoming days, she explains, “The coming area is for nutraceutical and all companies are going to conduct clinical research for their products. So I believe this business has great scope.”

She started this business because even after multiple fold growth of medical science yet there was no cure for many diseases. So the only option left to search for a new and better one is clinical research.

Struggle & Inspiration:

She had a feisty reply upon asking about her struggles throughout her journey, which is ” I don’t remember the problems, because I don’t give importance to them”. Clearly, she is someone very strong and strict about the things she wants in life.

Although, she did mention the name of A.P.J Abdul Kalam Sir as her idol for this profession. Apparently, all of her teammates have the same idol, as she explains,

“We consider Dr Abdul Kalam is the Idol because we learned from him to never give up”.

Final Words:

She is a hard-working lady, with her continuous endeavour and of course, her PhD in pharmaceutical science, her education significantly helped her with the business. She is still doing her best to accomplish and provide the best medicine to the country. And we only wish the best for her.

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