One of the best hypnotists and numerologists opening up about his journey from failure to success

Do all of us have a destiny, or we create our own? Some find it straight away. Few people travel a long way in search of their destiny and settle for what life throws at them. Some are unstoppable until they find their ultimate happiness and success. It’s a matter of trial and error. The same happened with Tejindur Singh of Panipat, Haryana.

How Tejindur Singh has become one of the best hypnotists is a long story. A story he has written for himself to live in. He started his professional life in the textile business in the year 2002 as a manufacturer of cotton yarn. And he started to expand his business by importing and supplying both textile and home furnishing items. Very soon he occupied the best position in the market for services by providing the best price. He relentlessly worked hard with dedication to achieve his goals. And they expanded their business to every part of India.
Unfortunately, they had to face some shortcomings which adversely affected their business. That was such a letdown, and they became skeptical about what to do and what not to do. So, they started consulting some famous astrologers, numerologists, Vastu specialists, etc. Every time they got instructed with different remedies and nothing worked. After all this, something else happened. Tejindur developed a liking towards astrology. He started to read books related to astrology and numerology. And that later became his hobby. As he started to do researches regarding the subject, his hobby developed into a passion. And slowly his passion became his profession. In his mind, he had the spark. He realized he was destined to be this way, and he is on the right track. Determined Tejindur wanted to learn everything in detail. He wanted to learn under the best scholar who has knowledge about astrology and numerology. But Panipat being a small town in Haryana, had limited access to good education and institutions even though Panipat is one of the best hubs for the textile industry. So he decided to travel around California and China for acquiring in-depth knowledge of the subject. And he succeeded.

“A man needs to look deep into himself to understand what power lies inside him. Once, you nurture it with utmost care and patience, you will start to see the changes.’’ — he said.

His friends and family supported him and stood by his side all through the hardships. Finally, Tejindur became an international hypnotist, mind reader, astrologer, numerologist, spiritual healer, astral travel, past life regression, third eye awakening, face diagnosis, and treatment, etc. He started TEJINDUR SINGH, TRINETRA AND DEV OVERSEAS, located in Panipat, Haryana.

They organized several meditation camps, Hypnosis, third eye workshops, etc. And they have also participated in many national and international level seminars and webinars. Giving treatments for addictions, phobias, headaches, blood pressure, sleeping disorder, etc. without medicine is one of the highlights of their organization. In fact, helping people to live a better life without undergoing medical treatment is what he is focusing on.
Tejindur firmly believes in destiny. According to him, the one who has faith in himself can achieve anything he wants. No matter how many times’ life knocks him down.

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