Her Zeal For Learning And Imparting Knowledge Geared Her As Someone Who Can Change The World

Nothing is more humanitarian than becoming a doctor. The influence that a doctor leaves on the psyche of a person who is suffering is huge. Knowing the importance of making a difference in the world through her knowledge and experience and the understanding of the profuse study of dentistry, Dr. Apurva Mohite Khator, has taken up the task to make a change in the field of dentistry through her proficiency.

By becoming the Assistant Professor at the age of 26, and starting in the field in 2015. Dr. Khator has become one of the very few members in the VSPM’S Dental college, Digdoh hills, Hingna Nagpur who is entrusted with teaching the young minds. With many articles contributed to national and international journals, she was entrusted with helping the needy and the task of influencing the young mind at the medical college. She has embraced the profession with passion and dignity.

Being on the other side of the table for more than five years and having experience as a teacher for more than five years, she can sense the mention that a teacher, as well as a student, feels. Taking up the task to inspire, motivate, and help others with his wide experience, Dr. Khator has become the exponent whom everyone respects and admires.

The Passion Behind:

What is the only thing that could make a change in this world? Science and research is the only thing through which one can bring the change that one is looking for. Through a thorough analysis of the given subject, one can understand subjects and introduce new concepts that could alter or add to the bestowed knowledge effectively.

Believing in the concept, the aspiring doctor cum Assitant Professor worked hard to achieve his dream. Bringing the best of both worlds, the young mind at work initiated to work towards using the gift she was given in any way they can. Completing her under-graduation and postgraduate in VSPM’S dental college situated in Nagpur, she soaked up all that she could through the academic atmosphere around her.

Gaining the knowledge and experience that she needed to pass on to her teaching, she made sure that the next generation is equipped with the same passion that she shared with her comrades.

“I am very passionate about teaching my subject and was always keen on undertaking research since my postgraduate days.”

Having a keen interest in writing articles and knowing that she has the command she needed to rule out certain strategic studies in her field, she made sure that she took the route that interested her. Realizing the full potential and the research gap that lies in the field of oral medicine and radiology, she never gave up as she continued to analyze and unearth the truth.

“I believe that Oral medicine and radiology is a vast subject and there is tremendous scope for research in this field…”

The Influence Behind The Journey:

Having a very supportive family who only wished for her to mount up the stair of success, having never really recalled any struggles as her passion and belief in himself smoothed out her path, the most important person who provided her with the power she needed to, was her teacher. Dr. Mukta Motwani.

She is a teacher par excellence and an epitome of knowledge. She has taught me multitasking where I have learned to achieve a good work-life balance.”

Hoping to become like her, Dr. Khator continues to mount the mountain easily with her  passion and zeal for learning.

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