His architectural passion was his driving force. So, he submerged himself into erecting dreams for others

When people chase their dreams to achieve their materialistic goals, he aspired to live his dreams. When people boast about their dominance, he was busy sharpening his skills. Read on to see how one person transformed his weakness for designing buildings into his aesthetic inspiration.

Though young and aggressive young lads are aplenty, it is rare to find talented and meticulous youngsters in the current generation. Twenty-five years old, Ar. Ruturaj S. Paradkar has those distinguishing traits that make him stand out in a crowd. He possesses designing instincts and is passionate about erecting architectural wonders. Working tirelessly towards creating phenomenal structures, he is ready to forge ahead in the field of architecture.

It was the year 2019 when Ar. Ruturaj S. Paradkar resolved to change lives with his innovative architectural work. The very thought sowed the seeds for Ruturaj Paradkar Architects. Thus, began his journey to take Kolhapur’s real estate by a storm. He firmly believed that his creations hold the potential to metamorphose building materials into iconic structures.

He was young with an uncompromising attitude. He wanted to carve his life by changing the lives of many people with his artistic architecture. Apart from engineering knowledge, his entrepreneurial capabilities came in handy while establishing Ruturaj Paradkar Architects. Together with his partners and team members, the company is sailing against the wind with intolerance for substandard quality. They are determined to contribute to society with reasonably priced results without compromising quality. He is certain that his restless efforts and struggles will bridge the generation gap. He envisions architectural dimensions, which infuse traditional and contemporary values. Even in his free time, he is unstoppable. His fingers love to draft sketches and blueprints.

“The seed for ‘Ruturaj Paradkar Architects’ was sowed in the year 2019. It burst open in Kolhapur’s real estate scenario with dynamism and creativity. While strengthening its roots in a market, it holds a reputation for being demanding and having an uncompromising attitude towards quality. The growth that Ruturajparadkar and partners can boast of is a testimony to the firm values of this organization. Over the years under the able leadership of Ar. Ruturaj Paradkar, group has not only grown but thrived in an unforgiving market.” says Ruturaj S. Paradkar.

Currently, the competent team of Ruturaj Paradkar Architect is working on more than thirty projects. Ar. Ruturaj is humbled to renovate a residential school at Kolhapur. With sheer dedication, his landscaping is determined to revive the love for learning beyond the boundaries of the four walls of a classroom. He proposes to give a facelift to the old structure with a playful, warm, and welcoming courtyard. The new structure will bear a splash of colours and a child-friendly atmosphere. His designs aim to construct a stimulating environment for learning. His futuristic vision and focus on ventilated complexes is impressive and commendable. 

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