Ventured into his own interior firm after quickly learning the tricks of the trade

Sujan Kumar Mondal – Director, 3S Interior

Established in 2010 with a capital of 1 Cr, Sujan Kumar Mondal’s 3S Interior has been in the business for almost a decade. At the age of 30, after gaining all the requisite knowledge and experience in the field of architecture and interiors, Sujan quit his stable job to function independently through his own venture. Since its inception, this Kolkata based interior firm has scaled to new heights and is now a 3 Cr worth firm that’s helping clients with the best possible design solution that’s modern and technically sound.  

After years of hard work, Sujan proudly announces,

“We have successfully conceptualized and completed the interior designs of numerous residential, commercial projects as well as architectural projects. We have completed some of the finest designs with the help of our renowned designers.”

3S Interior is known to offer tailor-made designs for its customers after thoroughly understanding their requirement. It is pertinent to let the design team meet customers, so that they can create a picture perfect output.

The fact that he wanted to do something of his own, drove him into entrepreneurship. As disciple and follower of Swami Vivekananda, he wants to concentrate on his work and not focus on the result – that’s where he also draws all the inspiration from. His family has always been a great support right from the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey and Sujan feels that this unconditional backing received from his family has helped him to remain strong even during those initial days of struggle. Since, this Kolkata based entrepreneur is always a firm believer of team work, it took some time to form a rock solid team of expertise who later on helped his business to sail through smoothly.

In this highly competitive market, the key to success is to handle projects in a professional manner and deliver it in time as per commitment. A healthy relationship with clients also fetches business through references. Candidly Sujan spills the bean,

“More than anything your work should speak for yourself, developing a good landmark project gets you all the attention and business keeps flowing in.”

To operate independently and be one’s own boss was always there in Sujan’s back of mind, and he utilized the right time to jump into the band wagon of entrepreneurship. He believes there’s no substitute to honesty and hard work, and that’s where he gives his 100%. For young aspirants, he has a practical advice – to stick out there and not get demotivated by some bad phases. In business, the good and bad phases are bound to come in a sinusoidal manner, so wait for it and capitalize the same.

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