His idea of selling fruits and vegetables seemed trivial to everyone in the beginning. Now he holds ownership of two companies in Nashik

Freshness and taste are all that matter to us when it comes to fruits and vegetables. And we tend to choose hygienic and hand picked ones over anything. Because we would never take a chance on our health. Arjun Shamrao Borse from Nashik holds directorship of two companies that export and import fruits and vegetables.
Literally, Arjun Shamrao started his business from nothing. How billionaire business magnate Mukesh Ambani built his business realm from nothing has inspired Arjun to start his own business. He owns Farmedge International Export Pvt. Ltd., Nashik export fruits and vegetables worldwide and a construction company called Borse Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.

Arjun’s entrepreneurial career began in the year 2019. And it was quite troublesome. But, he was determined to not give up or to take a step backward. Through hard work and dedication he achieved his goals.
He is passionate about his business and always tries to connect with the right clients which make him a successful businessman.

“ If you are capable of figuring out what you are passionate about and what you are good at, you can be successful and your hard work will be paid off. No matter how difficult it seems — Arjun said.

The idea of selling fruits and vegetables seemed trivial and ambiguous in the beginning. But he worked out solutions for all the problems and ambiguities. He studied the market and learnt new things. Arjun prepared himself to face any inconveniences that came his way. Arjun’s enthusiasm and persistence makes him unique as an entrepreneur. He always wanted to do something different from what others do. He did and proved to everyone through hard work anything is possible. Arjun has got two years experience in trading agricultural products. His company conquered the market in no time by earning trust and by providing the best quality agricultural products all over the world. They supply their products to domestic buyers also. They are quite flexible with their customers while dealing with them. Providing their customers with the best quality products and customer satisfaction are their primary concerns.

Even from a younger age, Arjun wanted to be a businessman. He believes, whoever has a proper plan and willingness to execute it, will succeed. Arjun’s future prospect is to expand his business by opening branches in different countries like Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Dubai, Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc.
Starting a company that exports fruits and vegetables was challenging for Arjun. Uncertainties had always been a part of this business. Being a beginner in the industry brought troubles and risks into his life. But as he looks back into his journey, he realizes it was all worth the fight and struggles. And he is proud of what he has become as a result.

Arjun’s advice for budding entrepreneurs is to take risks and to face challenges. Because the struggles we face today are a stepping stone to our success. And never do any business for seeking attention and fame, but for ourselves. This young man has also received India 5000 Best MSME Award.

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