Passion and Hard work helped this advertising enthusiast achieve her dreams and establish herself as a successful professional in the digital world!

Kamya Elawadhi is a name that is self-made in the field of advertising and marketing. She started out as a beginner with passion and a dream to own the world one day. She has always been an advertising enthusiast and worked hard towards her dreams to make it come true in her life.

She did not confine herself in the preconceived spheres and has “carved a niche” for herself according to her own dreams and aspirations. Today, she is not only a professional with huge achievements with her but she is also a mother of a 4 year old daughter. “Becoming a mum changed my perspective a lot on the personal front. It led me to grow as a person” Kamya said.

Business Focus

Kamya noticed a gap between the pharma market and the digital market and wanted to work upon rectifying it. Kamya is the founder of Docree ( which focuses on bringing various medical professionals and physicians in one platform to help the pharma market and to help people in a broader view. They focus on connecting pharma and the digital market together and contributes in a huge way in the healthcare marketing.

“Doceree aims to address the problem of rising cost of healthcare by bringing efficiency and effectiveness to physician engagement by using data and creativity in healthcare marketing.

Kamya has business connections both in India and US and in May, this year they have raised “$1 million in seed funding from a group of angel investors from India and the US…we are aiming to mainstream Physician marketing via our exclusive network of doctor-only platforms.” Kamya said.

Although Docree has been established recently, it is constantly working towards making the healthcare market a better place and with great determination and hard work, this organization had become the “only company in the programmatic Physician marketing space having footprints in two global markets – India and the US.”

Kamya has won 13 Cannes Lion including Grand Prix, India’s first ever Black pencil at D&AD, Spikes, Clio Health, LIA, Global Award, Epica , Dubai Lynx, Ad Fest, ADC Awards, Andy. Apart from that she achieved “The creative Floor Awards, FAB awards, WARC Strategy Awards, Effie, Clio Health”


Kamya has had to face a lot of challenges and hurdles in her journey but she has always refused to give up and her inspirations have never let her stop doing what she does the best. Natalie Elizabeth (Founder of Boss Babe) and Sharadha Sharma (Founder of YourStory) have inspired her in ahuge way and helped her become better with each passing day. “Ankur has made me believe in myself as much I want others to believe in me and Zoe has pushed me to stay focussed. Shirin has taught me to keep my creative light ignited” said Kamya while talking about Ankur Warikoo (Funder of Nearbuy), Zoe Modgill (Founder of Studio 60).

Challenges and hurdles that came her way

Apart from focusing on her business, Kamya had to look after her child when she became a mother. ”Unlike when you build a business, you have to build everything from scratch. It is just like building your own new house” Kamya said. No matter how many hurdles and issues cross her way, she always finds a way to get past it with her “problem-solving attitude” and refuses to give up.  An advice that she herself followed and has suggested the young aspirants to follow is to

“Think long term as an organisation. Don’t be short-sighted to build and sell. Also, celebrate your mistakes. Learn from them and move on. Never get stuck around what goes wrong.”

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