I never whined, “Why me?” I welcomed challenges with a grin, asking it to “Try me!”

How is a person able to move smoothly on the path of success while removing the obstacles? Well, let us study in detail.

There are oceans of desires whirlpooling in the hearts, but only a fervor can make you surge to the shore. To quench the thirst of knowledge and unflinching resolve to strive for more, leads one on the path of success.  Enclosed in isolation with a sole domain can never create a noteworthy career.   Exposure to multifaceted, ten years of industrial experiences made Vassundara Nattes try something innovative with a touch of creativity.  Today Vertex Global Services is perching at an unimaginable height under her leadership.

Though from Erode, a small town in Tamil Nadu, Vassundara is a career-driven individual. In 2016 she launched Vertex Global Services and gave shape to her ideas. She began from scratch, but her experiences helped in putting her best foot forward.

Vertex Global Services, accredited by NASSCOM, is a complete business solution including staff augmentation, performance marketing, managed services, and other services.

Vassundara’s in-depth market study and research got her through the tricky task of identifying subtle opportunities.  Studying builds a strong foundation and enables one to encounter every obstacle with confidence.  She keenly observed and accumulated experiences of technical recruitment functions, vendor management, consulting, market strategy, business strategy, sales, business development, performance marketing.

“I identify myself as a highly motivated and career driven individual with a touch of creativity.  My 10 years of industry experience working with multiple MNCs and noteworthy organizations took me from strength to strength.”  – said Vassundara.

Vassundara, a thorough professional, let her zest for passion to navigate her towards accomplishing her goals. Risks and obstacles failed to diminish her undaunting spirits. Her consistent efforts won her several laurels.  In 2019, Integrated Achievers awarded Vassundara with The National Business Leadership Award, and The Best HR Leadership Award.  Another feather in her cap was when she won the Business Leadership Award by the Golden Globe Tiger Awards in 2019.  The list is endless.

Her self-motivated spirit not only won her acclaim for her entrepreneurship, but she derives self-satisfaction in serving society.  Vassundara had a close encounter with struggle.  It makes her content to contribute to other people’s development.  With her professional counseling, motivational speech, and working relentlessly as a Life Coach, she wants to inspire budding entrepreneurs to embark on their professional journey with work ethics, confidence, and skills to overcome obstacles.

“The nurturing of my competitive side on the court as a district-level basketball player and other sports fed into my personality to be a competent and resourceful individual for every organization I have been associated with.” – said Vassundara.

Vassundara’s success mantra lies in the “Do or Die” spirit.  Her organization is operating across North America and globally in the pursuit to serve over 3000 clients.  Vertex’s happy customers cannot stop raving about its efficient services and dedicated staff.  It has proved pivotal in maximizing business performance.

Vassundara is not setting examples for pursuing her passion, but also living her dreams.  A strong will is your only weapon to reach the pinnacle of success.

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