IDP Education’s Digital Campus is Getting into the Spotlight: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

With a stellar history of building trusted & impressive relationships, IDP Education, popularly known as IDP is a global leader in the field of international education. IDP Education launched its very own Digital Campus back in 2019, and it has become the engine room for innovation at IDP ever since.

The Digital Campus of IDP started with 400 employees. Today, the platform has over 600 marketing, technology, & data experts based out of Chennai. The Digital Campus focuses on a team that is women-led and is led by a team of over 50% of women.

Talking about how the Digital Campus of IDP Education makes its mark in the industry, the platform helps IDP in setting a new standard and benchmark to help customers get access to their global education and future career goals.

To explain it with an example, the innovation that the Digital Campus’s team delivered throughout COVID became an inspiration for their counseling teams & motivated them to move quickly & make prompt decisions with an aim to support customers, and at scale, when global travel was impacted.

The Digital Campus by IDP works toward driving excellence which further enables more aspirants across the globe to be able to access their global education goals through industry-leading student placement services. Moreover, IDP is the proud co-owner of the world’s leading English language test IELTS.

IDP’s Digital Campus’s aims are clear. Technology is not their only focus. Rather, the team prioritizes customer needs & identifies how technology may become a way to best assist or transform those needs. Ultimately, it’s their customers, global citizens with big dreams, who get the most importance & attention.

As a platform that boasts the importance given to its customers, Digital Campus’s USP is that its experts are powered by global technology. Their team of skilled professionals offers unbeatable services ensuring the dreams of people across the world turn into their life’s reality.

Again, for example, there’s no other such organization across the globe that has managed to create a hackathon-crafted AI product for University clients’ admission process using their FastLane services and a leading IDP IELTS app that has been rolled out across the globe for test takers.

For the company’s growth, the team’s agenda includes greater personalisation which helps shape the journey of every person who gets attached with them. The team’s sharp focus on customer experience and people development is what will drive the company forward. IDP Education was founded with the same ideology. It was to support customers in achieving their global study and career goals and help find new solutions for their university clients.

The educational industry majorly lagged in their outdated system for receiving an offer from the university. IDP identified that problem & took it as an opportunity to offer more transparency & speed with matching technology with greater efficiencies for students, that university clients would also benefit and be able to drive better volumes and diversity in their recruitment strategies.

Digital Campus was solely launched with an idea to help accelerate the growth of Australian-listed Company IDP, with the use of innovation in response to their customers’ needs. The company’s investment in digital technology & customer research has helped boost their personal connections, enabling the team to deliver global success to more students, test-takers and the company’s partners. 

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