Successfully incorporating sustainable architecture and green building features to his offerings

Raja Sathish Kumar – Principal Architecture & Founder, Akruthi Interiors & Architecture

Akruthi Interiors & Architecture came into being a decade ago, in 2012 in Warangal and Hyderabad, with an objective of churning out delightful customers through specialised services in architectural design, urban planning, interiors and landscaping. Its founder and principal architecture, Raja Sathish Kumar is a seasoned architecture, who has worked with several renowned architects & consultants to provide the ultimate in interior design, architectural, structural, landscape and MEP solutions and over the time, have come to be known for their creations in form of iconic buildings, design excellence, innovation and the imperative sustainable architecture, which also incorporates green building features.

Raja is an experienced professional. His work repertoire includes many successfully executed interior designing & architectural projects in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and the USA, across a wide-range of projects including gated communities, apartment complexes and individual residences to hospitality, commercial and retail spaces and hospitals. A self-taught architect with an experience spanning over 10 years in the field of architecture, interior designing and consultations, he has to his credit many accolades and awards and has been amply recognized for his distinctive work.

Above anything else, satisfying client need and demand is given the highest priority at Akruthi Interiors & Architecture. A team of well refined artists who can work 24X7 for their customer satisfaction is onboard. At Akruthi, the promise of being always available to address all queries and concerns of customer is guaranteed. It provides the best and unique ideas which will help the client to stand a step ahead. Expert team is well aware of the current trends and also, delve the past so that a unique concept can be build which will be essential for the future. According to Raja who is confident about the future,

“Our business will have a bright future as ‘Architects & Interiors Designers’ can compete with other industries in services. Our expectations for this business for the upcoming 10 years are that we want people in world to known us as a great brand. This is because; our business is all set to provide the best quality service and customer satisfaction.”

Raja’s father, who is a Civil Engineer and contractor, has been his inspiration. Watching his construction designs during those growing up years has itself encouraged him to take up this profession. His parents stood by his decision to choose architecture as a specialisation subject to pursue. Every good work comes with some challenges whether it is your first day of college, your first day at office or the idea of setting up your own business. But a true warrior faces every challenge, learns from it and starts working with dogged determination. The same thing applies to a dedicated entrepreneur. They are bold and brave individuals who overcome any obstacle gracefully. They look into the issues, understand them and try to solve them with the best solution. Expanding the business and managing employees is a big struggle that Raja faced as a young entrepreneur during those initial years.

According to Raja, the opportunity in the market for an architect is all about providing quality service of creating a functional environment for clients with a variety of needs and wants. Having a passion for understanding about different types of people and cultures further helps fuel the process. Out of all the projects that he has done in his career, the interior Decor of Sunder Homes is closest to his heart. His first G+6 floors, an individual residential project in Hyderabad. Listening to clients in order to fully appreciate what they want from an architect is fundamental – it is the essential first step in a productive working relationship.

Experienced practitioners commonly would point to the very beginning of a project as being the stage where clear communication between client and architect is vital. It is here that the architect’s experience, design skills and ingenuity can add value to a project. To all the budding architects, he has some practical piece of advice – Design begins with a concept. Matthew writes in his book Architecture resides in the DNA of a building… It is in the DNA of the application. From text to photography to the simplest webform, they are all part of the experience of the same user, and the interaction designer’s job is to make it all one experience. The design process should be in the ‘DNA’ of the whole product.

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