In a Year Into Entrepreneurship, His Business Turnover Is 2Cr With Prosperous Future

Mr. Shitiz Garg passed out in 2005 as an Architect from IP University Delhi had started his career in Interiors and learned details of using different materials and their joineries. He worked very closely with laborers at sites and is incredibly open to working with Smart Materials which is cost-effective and aesthetically attractive.

To him, the driving force to be an entrepreneur has been to look for Cost-effective Smart Solutions to create Beautiful Homes for any budget. Especially to provide MEANING TO EVERY INCH.”

Business Scale Up

Inaugurated on 1st April 2020, Design Your Nest (brand’s name) is a prosperous business running smoothly in 2021.

According to Mr. Garg, he has started his venture from home as a one-person army. Presently, he & his team had established their Exhibition Center with a 15-people team in different departments.

The business runs on turnover of 15lacs to 20lacs revenue monthly with completion of Twenty Beautiful Homes Across Bengaluru. Which mainly includes – Bungalow, Villas, Apartments, and Independent Floor homes are included.

His brand provides space to choose core material to customers of any brand, including Century, Green Ply, or other local brands ISO–certified products.

“We give multiple choices of Exposed Finishes; we provide end-to-end solutions even the décor items too. We provide a lifetime warranty to our customers to stay connected with them forever.”

His approach to the customers makes him one of his kind. To his brand’s policy, customers need not go out for anything related to Interiors. Instead of creating an Experience Center, his team has created an Exhibition Center, where customers can come and see their creation of their Dream Home, Ideas as DIY, Samples of Plywood, and Other Materials, Machines on which they work.

Through his work, he believes that he’s impacting the market with the freedom to express customers’ desires and work hand in hand with them to achieve what they deserved, and no one can argue with that!

As a Company, Design Your Nest provides freedom to choose what customers desire, and the rest of any project is done by his team. For having such passion, Mr. Garg considers the client’s emotion and feeling is sharing with his brand more than any other thing.

We believe in building the Home is one of the greatest feelings and makes their journey to build a beautiful home and reflect their personality.”

His goal has always been simple: to look for Smart Solution with an Attractive look and Cost-Effectiveness. Although there are certain unavoidable issues, including getting skilled laborers – (as they work on new materials, it is tough to get skilled laborers for execution), the solution becomes testing & trying at the factory with in-house laborers first, once succeed then only, the product is built at the client’s site.

In his business, 80% of units are built in the factory, having no work restrictions.

However, for the people curious about the components that drove him to success, he says that integrity, respect, an optimistic attitude about what is happening, and focusing on one’s desires rather than results, work for everyone. Also, transparency – communication is the key to resolve all the conflicts and conspiracy, is what he believes.

“Communicate Before Commencing”

Taking his words into account, training, and education, updating oneself with new technology and materials, and filling the hunger quotient of mind with lots of training sessions for his/herself, can only determine success.

Hence, in his case, making Digital Marketing – Social Media Presence and regular Engagement, Word of Mouth – Do good to Customers, Customers will become Brand ambassadors, became his mantra to carry on in this profession.


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