In pursuit of providing alternate career options to the creative minds of North East India

Biplab Deka – Founder Director, Inked Streets & Co, A unit of Inked Streets Pvt. Ltd.

This computer science engineer was struggling to fetch a job after completion of the course, but lack of opportunities stalled his career. But with indomitable courage, Biplab Deka emerged as a Messiah by forming his own Startup that would address the unemployment issue of North-East India. Though in 2017, he was briefly involved in Network Marketing. It was in 2018, he founded Inked Streets & Co, along with his sister as a co-founder. He shares his observation and tells us,

“I have seen that many young individuals with potential talents are left unseen and unheard by people. Any individual who wants to take up careers other than Engineering, Medical, Lawyer etc. were looked down upon and the lack of direction and guidance proved to be a big hindrance to their creative abilities. Hence, I thought why not create a platform for people who are into creative streams and turn their hobbies and passion into main stream career opportunities where they can earn and be independent.”

Founded in 2018, his venture got incorporated as ‘Private Limited Company’ in 2020. In last 3 years, Inked Streets have successfully empaneled 300 creative individuals including Writers, Poets, Artists, Illustrators, Content Creators, Influencers, Fashion designers etc. Three additional ventures were launched under the same banner in the midst of pandemic without any funding support thus, making Inked Streets the first bootstrapped multi-venture Startup of North-East.

Biplab’s Inked Streets & Co, has always been a platform “For the People, of the People and By the People”. It has always put community first, and are helping young individuals start their creative careers free of cost, where they use the readymade resources and guidance from already established creators and eminent personalities. Also, Inked Street devotes a large amount of energy into imparting knowledge to people who are enthusiastic enough to start their own business and become job creators rather than job seekers. Biplab is also expanding his reach to the rural people giving them a means to earn through fashion studio and manufacturing unit, and thus, connecting them to technology and changing their lifestyle.

Biplab’s venture act as a Launchpad for the individuals who wish to create their careers in creative stream. He says, “We provide them a platform to showcase their works and products and connect them to the market place launching them and their business to the people. We provide all round assistance from the inception till the final production of the product, give out free working space, mentorship, internship programs, seminars, meet & greet sessions etc.”  Taking forward the concept of “Vocal for Local” his business does everything at a ground level. Any and all products that are manufacture or created digitally and released to the public comes directly from the local artisans and laymen of the region. Custom service to each and every individual tailored to their needs and purposes are provided with high level of efficiency.

Writing has always fascinated Biplab. But he lacked direction. However, the same thing he channelized as a Startup and initiated Digital Media blogging. He always hated 9 to 5 job and founded a venture which had his passion in its foundation – WRITING.

His father has always been his inspiration. But unfortunately he couldn’t survive COVID19. He has always been his support system and Biplab tried following his footsteps. During his initial years into the business, Biplab found it hard to deal with the stringent mindset of the local people of North-East. They were not very welcoming to new ideas and didn’t usually pay heed to his venture. Digital Content Creating as an alternate career is a very new concept and it was hard to convince them. As 80% of the youths of North-East are quite fashionable and they tend to follow the latest fashion trends, also the fact that they are quite active on social media, came in as handy for Biplab. This has gained the attention of the people and people often view it as the largest platform for digital content creation, influencing and fashion in North-East.

As a professional, Biplab feels one should be helpful and humble. This world needs love and kindness, there is enough hate and jealously. When you help people grow, eventually you grow as well. When you help more and more people, eventually your deeds come back to you one way or the other. Inked Streets & Co has made a significant progress in a small span of time & the prestigious awards it won are a proof of the same. It has been nominated for “Most Promising Startup 2021” by Indian Achiever Awards for Business Expansion in midst of pandemic. It also got nominated for “Startup of the Year 2021” for Quality and Excellence amongst Top 500 Startup and MSME’s of India. It is awarded “India Prime Icon 2021” amongst Top 100 Entrepreneurs of India for Extraordinary contributions and visionary. These awards will surely encourage him to march forward in his entrepreneurial journey.

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