An Author’s Passion Inspiring Others

If you are really good at something, your whole willpower, passion, and determination strive to achieve it without any problem. Our dreams can only be fulfilled if we are using the whole ounce of our strength and passion. In fact, during that arduous yet exciting journey, we may sacrifice many important things along the way.

That’s exactly what’s true about one of the finest authors of India, Koonal Jain. His inspirational journey makes us believe in ourselves, that we, too, can follow our hearts. So, let’s take a look at the inspirational journey of this fine author.

Know About The Passionate Author

Whenever we read an inspirational story, the focus seems to show on the journey. However, it’s also important to know about the person. So, let’s talk about the wonderful author who left a sizable and promising job to live his dream.

The author we are discussing is Koonal Jain, one of the top best-selling authors of India. One of the chief characteristics of his books would be the way he tells the stories. His passion is etched in the books as letters of vibrancy. Each of the words and phrases breathes his unique style. Apart from a passionate storyteller, he is also a researcher.

From his books, it is evident that he pours his heart out to research human behavior. Moreover, as a person who believes in unraveling human behavior, his obsession is to try and make a difference in the world.

He wants to do that by inspiring and transforming each individual to unlock their true potential. That way, they can live a life they want to live. Our sense and passion can only achieve our dreams. As a firm believer of that philosophy, he seeks to impart the same to his readers.

“I am interested in helping people really understand how to change and take charge of their life. I had to struggle with it, but now that I understand the basic fundamentals of change and growth, I want everyone to have a smooth journey. This desire encouraged me to start my profession”.

As for his educational qualifications,  he is a student of M.B.A. He specialized in the marketing department. Moreover, he is also a certified Linguistic practitioner. The prestigious American Board of NLP accredits the well-established man. In fact, he has the certificate of being a well-established Trainer from Dale Carnegie USA.

Sacrificing His Promising Job To Chase The Dream

If we cannot sacrifice to chase our dreams, we will surely regret it in the long run. The time is in our hands; therefore, we must do whatever to make the most of it. The 33-year-old Author had the same philosophy when he decided to quit a well-established job to chase his passion and dream.

In fact, readers would like to know that it was a promising job in one of the globe’s leading Fortune 500 Companies. He left it to become a successful entrepreneur to design his life the way he envisioned it.

He wanted to break free from the shackles that had kept his passion and vision restricted. Therefore, his firm resolves to break free from the limited mindset, behavior, and habits testament to his personality. According to his life views, those limited things are the ones that keep us from living our extraordinary dream.

Achieving What He Envisioned

Nothing comes at a free price. He indeed had to go through a lot of initial struggles and numerous failures. However, he stuck his ground and achieved a lot of significant goals. Today, he has given his life a purpose, a meaning. Each day he spends doing what he loves the most.

Now, he has a privileged position where he can travel across the globe. In fact, he has a lot of expensive things that he earned through hard work and passion. He has a private yacht and an enthralling ziplining. In fact, his dream of the quad-biking race in Fiji is achieved as well.

Most of all, he feels that he has evolved from the fearful, introverted, and self-conscious person of before to someone who can dream big, confident, and inspire others to achieve what they want.

Furthermore, he has also become a father who’s delighted to have a daughter he can coach. His success mantra comes from the people who have undergone self-development and earned astounding success.

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