Initiating Their Business Only One Year Ago, Read How This Incredible Duo Changes The Pace Of Their Business Effectively

Who are the ones whose dream is to make the dream of others come true? Sharing the common dream of making the dream home of others come into realization, the architectures are the ones we should thank. Sharing the same concept and zeal to make the realization of a person’s vision come into a breathing structure, the duo, Kunal Kulkarni and Meenakshi Dravid Kulkarni, at the age of 28 and 29, has created a niche in the designing market with their pure talent and staunch will.

The will that pushed them to come forward together, and creates an enterprise that looks forward to providing the clients with a through and through of the deliverance of aesthetic appeal that they are looking for. Their enterprise, known as Aadi design is a multidisciplinary firm that focuses on architecture, interior design, and graphic design.

Initiating their business in the year 2019, through exercising patience and perseverance, they have already won the Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards for Most promising architecture and design firm in retail and commercial projects of the year 2020 through the articulation of their aesthetic zeal and unique approach.

What Their Business Is All About:

Starting their business at a very ripe age, the enterprise that looks forward to serving the needs of the masses incorporates some of the basics of what one needs, that is to provide advice on architecture and designing.

The duo, holding years of skills and knowledge as well as mastership on how to wield their understanding of art and technology through their internship, can bring to the plate what no ordinary human can imagine. Knowing full well how easier it is to execute their vision using the lifeless bricks and mortar, they give the lifeless a life that becomes their very own soul.

“We always wanted to start our design firm. It is much easier to execute your visions when you are running your own show”

This thought process helped them to shape what we know as Aadi design. Taking inspiration from many different people belonging from many different disciplines, the duo brought their unique understanding and amalgamated them into one that gives rise to a product of extraordinary structures with unprecedented artistic articulation.

This helped them shape something incredible that is recognized by many as time goes on. With their talents being recognized, they are extending their business in various ways.

“AADI Design is a multidisciplinary design firm focusing on architecture, interior design, and graphic design. We do turnkey projects of interiors as well as building execution/construction”.

By incorporating 3D technology that provides the client with a better understanding of the space and helps visualize the materials and textures in virtual walk-throughs makes it easier and faster.

The Struggles They Faced:

Initiating their journey in 2019, which is very young compared to their competition out there, the struggle they encountered was regarding getting the approval from the clients. Getting the trust built in a short amount of time is very challenging.

Followed with that, the pandemic added more criticality to the situation. However, they let their talent and passion do the talking as they took each hurdle professionally and handled them with effectiveness.

“Our firm is fairly young, so to reach out to people and letting them know that we are in business was a bit challenging. Having patience and simply doing what we do keep us going in these challenging times. During the lockdown, we got time to work on our portfolios and it helped us get projects.”

Keeping this in mind, they continued to charge ahead in this Rocky Road with only one thing in mind, that they will create a niche in this market.

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