A Woman With An Idea And Passion To Provide Life To A Lifeless Idea, She Changes The World Around Her Through Her Zeal And Imagination

What happens when you are in a field that requires utter attention and unique invention? You provide your all. That is what Ms. Shefali Javeri did when she initiated her architecture firm. With the help of her undying passion, and the zeal to establish herself in the male-dominated industry, she took up the task to get ahead of everyone by including her unusual and extraordinary vision.

Initiating her business in the year 1996, almost 24 years later, it can be said that she has made a difference in the world where many few can stand a chance of flourishing.

At the early age of 23, Ms. Javeri created a platform where women can stand in this field as she established an opening with the help of Shefali Javeri and Associates for them as she calls as the inspiration for many.

Being fueled by her passion and imagination, she incorporated art and technology together to make the dream of others come true. By making this conception her ideology, she has molded the path through ups and downs and countless hardships where she has emerged victorious.

The Encouragement Behind Starting Her Business:

From her childhood days, she had taken interest in many shapes and colors. How the amalgamation of shapes and sizes creates an aesthetic interpretation that reflects the dreams of many. These recurring patterns have to be incorporated using the image that the client has in mind.

As Ms. Javeri already knew how the shapes work and how to incorporate them to turn it into an incomprehensible presentation of ideas, she successfully created a space in the field of architecture with her Shefali Javeri and Associates.

Knowing well that art has no boundaries, she entered to go out of the limits to encapsulate a vision into the constraints of four walls.

“This passion to explore unlimited creativity led me to enter the field of designing and further take up architecture as my profession.”

The Challenges She Faced:

Taking her inspiration from Mr. Charles Correa, she knew what kind of vision she wanted to arrest in the lifeless bricks. To give the impression of competency through her artifice, she knew what she needed to make the change.

Having like-minded people who will back up your vision through and through is not only a challenge that many architects face but is crucial to get the image reflected through bricks and mortar. She changed her ways and evolved seeing through the opportunity.

“To overcome this, it was important for me to understand each designer’s mindset, their goals, their vision and guide them eventually into blending with my company’s vision”.

Words of Advice:

knowing very well the importance of how to embrace the field one is working in, understanding the importance of setting a goal, she has only one piece of advice that she thinks is worth sharing.

“Enjoy the journey as the destination just follows it soon”

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