“Knowledge is power” is the motto that led him to become a pioneer of education in India today!

Mr. Rahul Sinha is a prime example of where our will power and hard work can lead to if we have proper visions and the urge to achieve all that we desire. He had an inbuilt urge of reforming the society with knowledge and wisdom. He founded the organization named Smart Move Academy in 2010. Their first and foremost aim is to provide education to the children of the society. Education is the formative element that helps people attain greater confidence and knowledge in their life. It allows people to explore different domains of knowledge and human existence. Due to his remarkable service to the society, he has won several awards including Best Edu-Preneur Award in 5th South Asian Education Awards – 2020, Best Eco Friendly School Award in 5th South Asian Education Awards – 2020, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Youth Icon Award by Akhil Vishwa NGO Union -2020 and Saran Ratna Puraskar – 2020 by Akhil Vishwa NGO Union -2020.

Mr. Sinha understood the importance of education and decided upon making it available to everyone according to his own capabilities. Smart Move Academy was established in Bihar and he believed that “education and empowerment of the youth” are the most important elements in order to build “a stable society and a progressive nation.”

“Brick by brick, step by step, the school has developed not only in stature and size, but also gained prominence as a leading center of learning in this remote and backward area.”

“Knowledge is power” is a motto that is not only followed by the students of this organization, but the other teaching and non teaching members also deeply follow it and work accordingly. The organization started with around 450 students and they currently have more than 1000 students. This organization,therefore, has developed in a regular manner to a larger group and it has established itself to be one of the major educational institutions in the backward and rural areas today.

“When I came to my native place in Bihar, I found that there is no concerned about education in this area so I felt starting a new hope in the field of education. Earlier I faced lots of problem because people are not aware about the importance of education and yes they even don’t know what the career opportunities available are for the students.”

The deceased scenario of education in Bihar is the prime element that encouraged Mr. Sinha to undertake this journey upon providing education to the children of the society. He realized the lack of awareness of the importance of education in the society and promised to bring about a change which he has been fulfilling successfully. Apart from providing education to the children, this organization has been constantly working upon making the elderly members of the society aware of how important education is in today’s generation. When he started out, there was minimum awareness and today through this organization, he is helping several students to attain their dreams. Many of the students are also cracking NEET, Civil service exams, Navy, IIT exams in one go because of the contributions of this organization.

He is not a self-made man but also someone who has been inspiring thousands of young people to chase their dreams and achieve it with hard work and determination. Apart from providing a connection to a minimum “200+ career options”, they are shaping up the lives of these children and are preparing them to have a better worldview and different perspectives throug the vision of knowledge and education.

The only thing Mr. Rahul wants the yound generation to remember is “in any field we have to make commitment with ourselves to work with full dedication and devotions without bothering what people say and yes always remember “OUR ACTIONS MUST SPEAK RATHER THAN OUR WORDS.”

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