Meet Manoj Sharma, renowned figure in The Interior Designing Business in Raipur

Manoj Sharma, Director Of “Make Space Interior”

The director of make space interior Mr. Manoj Sharma is a prevalent figure in the interior designing business in Raipur CG 

Make space interior is a combination of imaginative design, expertise, & intense Involvement, our reputation is based on providing the highest quality of professional services to every client we provide work that is innovative and practica, while keeping in mind the social economic, environmental and cesthetic leaves relevant to each project.

How would you briefly introduce yourself?
I am the Director Of “Make Space Interior”. I am a renowned figure in The Interior Designing Business in Raipur Chhattisgarh.We have also organized a Yearly Interior Student Design Competition INFEST 2017 and INFEST 2018 successfully. Now, INFEST 2k19 is coming soon.

What encouraged you to commence your business?
I was encouraged by the many possibilities of achieving in the field of interior designing.

Who is your Idol?
I consider Gouri Khan, one of the biggest Interior Designer and Architect as my idol.

What was the major hurdle that you had faced during this course of business?
The biggest challenge was to understand the people and their needs. It was difficult to comprehend that what was something new and different for people.

What was your first opportunity?
Somewhere I felt the opportunity prompting in my own house.

Which award has acknowledged your works?
By making an office in Raipur, a multinational company in its own area, SEW Eurodraiv India Pvt. Ltd. awarded ‘The Best Interior Execution Award.

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