This talented architect is performing wonders with parametric designs.

During his entrepreneurial journey, Rajdip faced several challenges. Clients were initially hesitant to entrust their sites to a relatively young professional. Coordinating with contractors and clients also proved challenging, as they often showed reluctance to experiment or take on new challenges. Additionally, procuring high-quality materials and skilled labor posed ongoing difficulties. To bridge communication gaps and align with contractors, workshops played a crucial role.

To ensure the procurement of materials of the highest quality, Décor Lab sought out well-known and trusted vendors rather than relying on local vendors. Furthermore, the firm shifted its focus towards developing its own team of laborers and masons who are familiar with the company’s needs and goals, rather than outsourcing them.

Among the projects that Rajdip holds close to his heart is a jewelry showroom in Patna, which he designed early in his career. He believes that the entire design process relies on the collaboration with the client. Psychology also plays a significant role in interior design, although it is often less discussed.

Design elements such as lighting, colors, configuration, scale, proportions, acoustics, and materials can profoundly influence an individual’s senses, emotions, and behaviors. Therefore, understanding the client’s tastes and preferences and guiding them with the designer’s knowledge is crucial to creating a remarkable space.

Décor Lab’s exceptional efforts have been duly recognized, and the firm has received awards for its designs and business excellence. Notably, they were honored with the “Best Design in Budding Entrepreneurs” award in the prestigious Hafele competition. Rajdip Sinha himself received the “National Award for Business Excellence and International Business Seminar 2023” at the global India Business Forum.

In conclusion, Décor Lab’s success can be attributed to its commitment to understanding client needs, its creative and glamorous designs, and its focus on holistic and responsive architecture. With a dedicated team, the firm continues to make a significant impact in the industry by offering comprehensive and high-quality design services.

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