Microbiology Scholar Sparks Up The World Of Science Through Her Innovative Research

It is a truth universally acknowledged that science leads to enlightenment and drives the progress of human civilization. One such doyen of the scientific research field creating sparks in the circles of the intellectual storehouse is Dr. Vinay Malik, whose work is primarily on the organization of life in hot locations. She did her doctorate thesis from the esteemed Shobhit University in Meerut. Interestingly, while working there, her work was selected from another prestigious institution, LLRM medical college, at Meerut.

What Her Work Is All About?

Albeit she specializes in microbiology, her name in the field is established because of her single-minded focus in studying the blended fields of microbiology and immunology. Her works have been put forward at various places of repute, including an HIV summit in India. Her dominance and influence in her field can be easily verified when we index the countless articles she has published in India and abroad journals.

The amount of publishing a scholar does determine his or her worth in academia’s corridors, and thus, in this regard, Dr. Malik comes out with flying colors.  Her work with HIV positive patients is commendable as this is a field that still has many unnecessary stigmas associated with it. On being asked the exact nature of her task, she says, “I am working on HIV positive patient in male and female; if we give estrogen therapy for the female, they can live more.”

Her Struggles:

Dr. Malik ensures that there is always a balance between her professional and private life, and she never compromises one for the other. Research in India has never been easy. There is a perpetual lack of funds for research and development. Anyone wanting to bring about a change in scientific research domains has to face a lot of hindrances and bureaucratic interventions. The situation was the same for Dr. Malik too.

However, she didn’t let it stop her. She took inspiration from her mentors, mother, and husband; she continued to work as hard as she could with limited resources until she tasted success. She says,

“Rising to the peak of my career was not an easy and straightforward as it might look. I remember my first journal article published in the volume in 6.7, 2019.”

Recognition Of Her Work:

Dr. Malik appreciates any kind of constructive criticism. In fact, she always welcomes it with open hands. Her hard work is recognized by the awards she received, such as the Young achiever award (October 2019), international award ( June 2020), and national award ( August 2020).

Future Plans:

The ultimate goal of Dr. Malik is to open her own microbiology lab in the near future. She wants to continue to have a balanced personal and professional life, all the while working towards the research and development of microbiology, her chosen field of interest.

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