Multi-Talented Man Makes India As The Go-to Destination For Medical And Wellness Tourism

An institutional figure himself, Amit Sharma is Group Chief Executive Officer of the eExpedise Group and one of the promoters of the Group. As a Group CEO, he spearheads the management of the group however he is currently more focused on the healthcare vertical and working on promoting India as Medical & Wellness Tourism Destination across the Globe.

Who is Amit and what does he do?

Carrying a treasure trove of experience of well over seventeen years, Amit has been certified by the Medical Tourism Association as a certified wellness tourism expert and six sigma belt. He has worked in this sector for so long that every inside fact of the industry is at his fingertips and it is also to be noted that he has performed several credible research in the field which has accelerated the industry.

He has designed a couple of innovative solutions in Healthcare & the Health Insurance sector which will bring a paradigm shift in the healthcare benefit utilization process. The platform has won him several national as well as international awards and accolades. With a Masters’ degree in Business Administration with a specialization in operations, Amit is also known in the industry for his prowess in people and relationship management, process streamlining and improvements, operations, team building and training, and grievance redressal management.

He has also demonstrated success in the management and implementation of complex corporate acquisition initiatives, successful organizational integrations, and product & services designing.

It doesn’t come as a surprise then that he has got invitations to several international talks regarding medical tourism.

Trends in the industry:

Albeit the industry goes at a pace beyond eighteen percent per annum, there still persists certain inconsistencies. There still is a gap in the delivery systems and benefit utilization processes for both

The individual as well as Cash patient as observed by Amit and which he intends to rectify.

Innovations by Amit:

Amit is also working on various other initiatives and innovative solutions in this space and has already filed a couple of patents. The present field that he is currently pursuing is Medical Value Travel. A System and Method for any time Medical Assistance and Advisory ‘in the domains of Medical tourism and Treatment Abroad.

Future Plans for Amit:

Amit wants to be a job creator. He has immense faith in the industry and attempts to create over fifty thousand employment opportunities by 2020. With a strong presence in GCC and the Asia Pacific, Amit plans to expand the group’s presence and its operations in over 35 countries by 2020, targeting areas such as the whole of, Asia, CIS, and Europe. One of his key goals is for the eExpedise Group to be recognized as the ‘Best Company to work at’ five years down the line.


Amit is not only a pioneer in the industry but also a devoted family man and he leaves no single opportunity to spend a quality moment with his family. He also loves to travel and cook to his heart’s content.

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