New Meaning To Feminism: This Sister Duo Changed Scenario of Entrepreneurship In Sub-Urban Areas

With their first nomination for excellence in work, Ishwariya & Buvaneswari, the proud business owners of VDG Fashion, bring women’s empowerment forward in suburban areas.

These two self-claimed 4th generation entrepreneurs are running the most sustainable and profitable family business and other diversified businesses like Fashion, supermarket, and trading. Starting the business at the age of 25 and 27, Ishwariya & Buvaneswari made the impossible happen in a year.

Nonetheless, coming from a business-oriented family, both have faced criticism and struggle quite strongly. Yet, with a strong and positive attitude and perpetual support from their parents, their very own business, VDG Fashion, is blossoming with a total of 20 lakhs turnover.

What was the Journey Like?

According to them, Business is in their genes from their birth. Hence, they work with rigor for successful career growth and always business with a Win-Win strategy, and also that their stakeholder must win with them.

VDG Fashion was founded in 2020, and within a year of establishment, they have successfully managed to gain 1600 customers through digital marketing strategy.

They further say that they took digital marketing to the next level where many people from Facebook got connected with them and gained resellers who joined them in this business. This got the earnings through working from home and enormously increased the cash flow in many families in this Pandemic.

The company initially sells a wide range of kids’ regular wear garments with high quality but at low cost. However, the upcoming prospect of business is to extend kids’ fashion from garments to various products like accessories, health drinks, health supplements, etc.

To be precise, it was their unique selling point of view that took them ahead in this business.

Our clear communication with customers and kindness in handling pre-sales and post-sales, creating trust in them, and making clear and confident about purchasing our products have been our USP.”

In this journey, they found themselves as businesswomen. They believe that business is their destiny. However, they also realize that because they are from suburban areas, where ladies are not allowed to be involved in business much, they want to create an exception by breaking the chain and showing their visibility to the world as successful entrepreneurs. The main goal is to become the CEO of VDG groups of companies.

Goals & Visions

As women, they have faced many challenges, from managing their business to managing the family. Every member of the family discouraged them and bashed them for their contribution to their business.

But, presently, they have proved them wrong. If women decide, then they can be successful in both their careers as well as us in the family too; Ishwariya and Buvaneswari have proved that.

Being entrepreneurs gives them confidence in leadership skills and increases their inner strength. It helps them to face the problem boldly and solve the problem easily. The purpose of their journey has finally blossomed and is on the right highway to success.

don’t give up your dream for anyone or anything. Nothing is impossible until you are ready to learn anything, at any time and at anywhere.”

We take nothing but only inspiration from Ishwariya and Buvaneswari and wish the best luck for their future.

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