One Couple, One Dream, To Turn The Lifeless Lumps Into A Breathing Piece Of Art Having Its Own Personality And Identity

Buildings speak for themselves. The lifeless form, the amalgamation of those bricks have a thought of their own, a personality of their own, and a way of making one realize their importance. But who does it reflect to? That building reflects the proprietor’s ideology and personality, and who provides those lifeless lumps with emotion and expression? The architects.

Knowing the importance of the architectural design and its implications in the psyche of the possessor, the dynamic duo, Ar. Rajesh Lakhani and Sakshi Lakhani started their venture to provide vitality to those lumped constructions. Through their SR Design Studio, which was initiated in 1997, they have been providing architectural and designing solutions to many people around the globe.

With their combined knowledge and experience, and the proficient understanding of architecture and interior designing, the duo continues to shed light on the pieces together. Their unique presentation, which leaves a mark on the pieces, creates an impact on the holder’s psyche as two techniques intermingle with each other to create an extraordinary fusion.

Mr. and Mrs. Lakhani, after completing their degrees, tied the knots. Their mutual respect for artistic expression that an architectural piece holds helped them to start their own ‘venture’ after ten years of service. The awareness they received by working under renowned architects helped them flourish as each project stands due to their passion, wholeheartedness, and artistic bonds that they share. 

The essence of their firm:

Understanding the need to venture out in the open so that the creativity that lay inherent in them can thrive, they turned to initiate their own firm, which showed their passion and love for the field. Each work reflected their love and respect for the projects as it became apparent in each of their masterpieces.

“The clients were able to see the honesty in our works and appreciated our output. The initial success motivated us to do better and come out with more options”.

Comprehending the fact that the piece they are creating will reflect the views of the owner, knowing that the houses are the ‘indicator of standard of living,’ they have continued to grow as a firm that provides a solution to the problem by incorporating their customized output.

By protecting the proprietor’s essence, they deliver their clients with solutions that include designing, executing, procurement, arranging men, material, and machinery to ensure that the project’s deliverance is done properly in time. 

The struggles they faced:

The fear that their artistic juice may dry by staying too long under a corporation was one of the most basic forms of crusades they had ever faced. However, as time went by, they continued to gather information, artistic inputs, kept themselves updated about traditional and contemporary art installations so that they could meet the client’s desires without fail.

By placing their trust in themselves, they continued to grow as a team together. However, the hardest part of the project was the issue of deliverance as most of their task depends on the deliverance of material on time.

“Our deliverables are dependent on associated teams and vendors, so delay on the part of our subcontractor’s/vendor’s results in delays in our delivery of projects.”

This sometimes costs them to be bound in forced contacts or delayed payments. However, they are trying to turn this around through effective methods.

Advice to the next generation:

Knowing how important the client’s requirements are, they have put together a constructive piece of advice that would help every budding architect.

“Always prioritize the client’s requirements and their budget, and try to offer a solution to suiting their budget.”

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