A Bold Interior Designer Changes The Industry With Her Eclectic Mix Of Artistic Expression

The main aspect of the architecture is to provide the lifeless place with a life that can reflect the picture of the owner through each stroke of the brush. Believing in this particular concept, Ms.Saachi Marwah Rana, continued to match forward in her path at the young age of 26. Starting her enterprise in 2017, Ms. Rana with her firm, ‘Saachi Rana Design Studio‘, continues to weave magic in the atmosphere with colors, paints, and her methods of artistic articulation. 

Keeping her routes based on the traditional approach, Ms. Saachi Marwah Rana has fused the contemporary modes of design and construction with the ways of old to create an emphasis on her design in a unique way. Her zeal to make a change in this artless place was hailed with much appreciation as she obtained awards befitting her talent.

Being awarded Top 10 “Creative Mind Next” by FOAID (Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing) 2019, “40 under 40 interior designers” & “Most promising ID firm of the year” by Architecture & Interior design excellence awards 2020 provided her with the decoration that she needed to gain access to the place that she sought after for a long time.

The Encouragement She Received

Taking inspiration from the ever-evolving atmosphere of her house, she understood the importance of art in a person’s life. Being moved by the artistic manifestations of her parents, she created her idioms around the expressions of art forms in every way.

Being influenced by her mother’s art of sculpting, and her father’s methods of providing the art the finish it needs, she made sure that her art has the best of both worlds. Learning the famous ‘Patina finish’ from her father, she tends to incorporate the ‘east meets west’ concept in her works.

It gained her an international as well as a national reputation that helped her to create a niche for her talent in this competitive market. By providing these aspects the needed space to merge into one, she thought that letting her imagination run wild was the right path that she can take to make the change in the industry.

“My home has always been a source of inspiration for the ideas, which interweaves in my designing and styling. People and travel have been a constant source of influence on my artistic and design journey.”

Taking inspiration from wherever she goes, with whoever she meets, became the source of the inception of her career that was set to achieve the heights of the world.

The Inspiration Behind Her Artwork

Apart from her household which helped her to find her base, she found her inspiration in Frank Gehry, for the juxtaposition of eclectic elements such as the incorporation of unusual material, interesting texture fused in unconventional forms helped her to get the inspiration she needed to get ahead in this world.

She also took inspiration from John Woolf for the intricacies that he gave birth to through his ‘glamorous interiors, delicate architectural proportion, and graceful details’, and interior designer Kelly Wearstler for her ‘exquisite superior- quality furniture designs and bespoke products’.

Advice To The Next Generation

Knowing full well how one needs to incorporate their intuition and put forward their whole attention and listen to their clients attentively, she emphasized on being more confident with their creation. She reckons that a winning piece accumulates a bit of drama and tension to create it, one needs to have fun and have faith in what they are doing.

“My advice is to be fearless and have fun when you are planning to style your interior, be it office space or your home.”

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