Pradip Kothari Financial Services Makes Financial Planning Easy For Indians

Pradip Kothari is not an extraordinary man, but he has a vision. After completing his graduation at 22 from Guwahati University, he focused on helping Indians with financial planning. The businessman always has the urge to help and guide people with their financial planning. In 2009, he met a family who had lost their elder son in an unfortunate accident. The man did not have any insurance, which is why the whole family had to suffer. They had to sell the house, and after meeting that family, something clicked in his head. He decided to educate people about life insurance, health insurance, and several other investment products.

He chose an unconventional path and put a lot of effort and hard work into building Pradip Kothari Financial Services. But before starting his journey, he met at least 50 people and found out that only 10 to 15 percent of people have the necessary knowledge about insurance and investment. His company comprised only seven people when he started the company, but he is successfully managing nearly 1200 families with these many people. Pradip identifies the business well, which is complicated.

He simplified the product and made it easy for the clients to invest as per the requirements. Pradip and all the members involved in the business provide expert consultation to the clients seeking expert consultation to manage their finances properly. In many interactions, Pradip has stated that he started the company as he saw Indians have a tendency to save money for future needs but often falters to identifying the exact place to invest.

Clients of Pradip Kothari Financial Services are spread all across India. In the initial years, he has gone through a lot of struggle, and at that time, he faced several rejections. But he never backed down from the challenges and kept reminding himself of what he planned to do for society. Due to his hard work, people soon realized his excellent intention, and he tasted success in this field. Pradip started this business when he was 36 years old, which was in 2021, and at present, he is 56 years old.

Currently, his company is managing approximately 45 Crores INR. His company also generates a turnover of 2.5 Crores INR from LIC premiums and close to 3.5 Crores INR turnover from all other general insurances. Even after being in the business for the past 20 years, he had the same intensity when he started the company. People often call him the best financial service provider in Nagpur as he provides customized financial planning after listening to the customer’s needs. His son also joined the business for the last eight years, which increased the staff number to 8.

He expects his company to reach new heights in the upcoming 20-30 years. He often speaks highly about the industry due to the immense knowledge that he has gathered over the years by being in the business. There are endless possibilities in the industry, and trends and technology keep changing. Over the years, several other people have tried to replicate the success of Pradip, but only a few succeeded as they lack the energy and passion that this man possesses.

According to Mr. Kothari, anyone willing to start an insurance or investment consulting farm can not be greedy and put in consistent hard work and effort. Only then can they survive in this business.

For his outstanding contribution to Reliance mutual fund, Aditya Birla mutual fund, and last but not least in Axis Mutual fund, he has been honoured with many awards. In 2020, he also received MDRT advisor of the year by LIC India. He has also won awards from HDFC Ergo, ICICI Lombard, Tata AIG general insurance for his works.

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