Providing quality, futuristic design concepts to its clients since inception

Nazir Ayub Fakir – Principal Founder, NF Designers

Based out of Sangli, NF Designers was established in 2015 with the sole purpose of providing quality designs to its clients. As a specialist in interior design & décor, the firm takes up end to end project and delivers it to complete satisfaction of the client. While the aim is to provide economical interior solutions, uniqueness in every project is something which the team works upon in close coordination with client. To give the best output it is always important to be customer centric and understand their taste and style, NF Designers can perfectly gauge the sentiment of its client and deliver as per their expectations.

Nazir Ayub Fakir founded NF Designers at an age of 22. Since young he was passionate about sketching. After completing interior designing course in 2013, he joined Architectural firms, P. J. & Associates to gain relevant experience in this field. With Ar. Prakash Jadhav Sir it was like turning point of his career. He has been the sole inspiration who drove Nazir into becoming entrepreneur. Finally in 2015, Nazir started his own venture. As a interior design agency it takes the challenge to step out of their comfort zone and into this sometimes-ungraspable field of new architectural technology.

To Nazir, nature is the greatest inspiration for his work. The concept of incorporating natural principles into design is happening in many ways. In the search for more sustainable and eco-friendly living, we are referencing all things natural, and studies repeatedly show that being in touch with the natural world enhances our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. NF Designers believe in emphasis on quality design & satisfactory clients. They claim to be futurists and believes in inspiring people & connecting with the culture & spaces.

Nazir candidly tells us,

“My idol & my inspiration is none other than Ar. Sanjay Puri Sir. It’s really inspiring while going through his works. All his designs are unique and innovative in its own way. He is the futurist architect whom I look up to before even starting my own firms. I partially handled his sites while doing my job.”

He feels managing time was the most crucial problem he had faced during those initial days. However, eventually got used to that schedule.

Following the current market trend, understanding customers & identifying the ideal project & working on it can make or break a firm, hence one should be mindful about these factors. Building a reliable and expert team was the most essential part of the business when he started up, after some initial hiccups that was too sorted, and a dedicated team was formed at NF Designers. Today’s customers are knowledgeable and have high awareness, handling them politely while understanding their needs and addressing their queries is very crucial aspect in this line of business. Nazir feels that each and every project is connected to him in some way or the other. He is a hard worker and puts in a lot of effort in each of the projects.

Even though NF Designers’ effort in the segment have been phenomenal, they feel there’s nothing important than client satisfaction. While awards and rewards will keep coming, keeping your clients happy will take you miles. However, Blindwink have recently recognized his firm as the most creative & trusted interior designer of the year, and he cannot keep calm about it.

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