Returned from the US to setup her own venture in software automation & application development

Sperdha Verma – Founder, Spaising Technologies

Rarely it is seen that IT professionals doing good in their career abroad, moves back to the motherland in order to serve her better. Sperdha Verma, is one such IT professional who had a high-flying career abroad, but wanted to ride on the domestic digital transformation and offer IT solutions to companies through her firm. Thus, in October of 2017, Spaising Technologies took its shape with a mission to provide the best software solutions & services; known to the clients for quality, agility & commitment. Sperdha’s vision is very clear – to make its own unique space in the Indian software industry by leveraging the latest technologies & become part of the leading companies driving these changes.

With the core strength of expert team, effective methodologies and efforts, Spaising Technologies put in designing & developing effective solutions for its clients and end users. It’s founder, Sperdha is a BTech from National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar and had done MS in e-Business Technologies from England. She started her professional career with Patni Computers as a software engineer, before moving to UK & thereafter got an opportunity to work in the US with EDI company. But then seeing the opportunity back home, she just returned India to start her own venture.

According to her,

“We do not just build the software products for our clients and end users; we thrive to solve their problems and help in making their life easy by providing digital solutions. We started 5 years back with a small team and now every year we are growing and solving problems through our software services and solutions. We have multiple clients all across the world & in India.”

As a company, it provides provide software development services, SAAS, cloud, web and mobile based development services by understanding the requirements of the clients. It has successfully launched multiple products in the B2B and B2C domain like – TutorShell. It’s a TMS -Tutor Management System for solving private Tutors & coaching centers’ problems by automating their daily workflow and activities like sharing of study materials, class & subject management, test & their results management, fees collection, notices, class schedules, student performance tracking, etc all at one place & using one portal so that they can collaborate with their students and staff.

TutorShell has been their flagship product that’s impacting the over ecosystem of teachers and academicians. The Education Domain in India is thriving however, still the age-old methodology is in use in terms of managing everything manually like sending emails, whatsapp, or writing notes in the hard copy. Be it a teacher or tutor or coaching centre or school they all need some kind of automation to manage their students, study materials, exams, results, teachers, classes, subjects’ schedules, students’ performance tracking, etc at one place using one portal so that teachers do not have to do the redundant job and concentrate more what they like the most and that is TEACHING. TutorShell has digitized the entire painpoints and made life easy. It saves ⅔ of the current time wasted and avoids human errors. The good thing about TutorShell is that it gives you time to explore the product without any hassle and free for 3 months. Not only that, it can be further customized on need basis. With the motto to bring India ahead in the Education Domain and help them in complete automation & digitalization, TutorShell is marching ahead.

Other products of Spaising Technologies are EDI Solutions, Esyncher, Stylesters, which are making life simpler in its domain of operation. Their SAAS based services and solutions as well as software development services are revolutionary. And their niche is to create ecommerce, EduTech solutions and integrate with ERP systems.

Ratan Tata has been a huge inspiration to Sperdha’s entrepreneurial journey. His humbleness and social outlook are praise worthy, his philanthropic activities are also to be followed. Even though Sperdha is successfully managing her venture, the journey wasn’t easy. When she started, she had a 4.5 years old daughter and was expecting her second child too. Balancing work and family were crucial then. She believes of the saying “Great powers come with Great responsibilities” – if you want to be an entrepreneur, just make peace with the fact that nothing can be achieved without hard work & struggles in life. Those who have reached top positions imagine what kind of hard work and struggles they have faced.

To all newcomers, she wants them to have these must haves – business sense, passion & determination, technically sound, networking and empathy; which only will lead them to climb the top. As a true team player, she wants to give huge credit to her team, without whom this feat wouldn’t have been possible. The team is hungry and shares the same mission and vision & that’s probably the success mantra of Spaising Technologies.

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