Recurrent security issues and inherent challenges of living in Kashmir could not bury my desire to align my entrepreneurship ideas to preserve the depleting natural resources

Often we crib about the deteriorating quality of the planet.   How can one usher into the world of environment development and cater to the burgeoning demand for energy at the same time?  Let us read on to know the efforts of how Mir Mustafa Ali’s innovative and inclusive business strategy is aiming for environmental sustainability.

Nature is a human’s significant asset, but we are nature’s biggest liability.  Human beings are surrounded by resourceful gifts from nature.  Not only have they taken nature for granted, people consider that they have the authority to exploit it for selfish reasons.   The world needs only one person to revive the essence of humans’ obligation towards nature.  Mir Mustafa Ali stands beside this profound perspective to work relentlessly to protect nature with his business in renewables.

Though we are aware of the fact that the earth is the only habitable planet in the solar system, we do very little to preserve its essence.  At the age of 37, Mustafa felt the need to cater to our ever-rising demand for energy without hurting the environment.  Kashmir Renewable Energy Private Limited is his brainchild to spread the concept of energy conservation.

Overwhelmed by observing the severe power crisis faced by Jammu and Kashmir, he made a conviction to provide an undisrupted supply of lifelong energy to all the citizens at an affordable price.  Renouncing the common source of energy, such as coal, natural gas, and petroleum byproducts, Mustafa switched to solar energy and biomass gasifier technology. 

Apart from that Kashmir Renewable Energy Private Limited is instrumental in bringing about a greener change in society.  Mustafa not only endeavors to bring about physical changes in the environment, but also wants to make a psychological impact to change the mindset of the citizens.  He wants to instigate every individual to choose an alternative or non-conventional source of energy for sustainable living.  That is why Mustafa lovingly calls his engagement, ‘social business’.   It gives him immense pride to work for the state’s ‘green economy’.

Mustafa’s Kashmir Renewable Energy Private Limited caters to society by offering solar products, such as home lighting systems, lanterns, LED lamps, Photovoltaic modules, street lighting systems, and water heating systems.  The company has already installed solar power plants at several hospitals and police headquarters.

“The USP of my business has been to strive for carving out a separate niche for renewables by propounding and promoting the ideas like “Consumers can be Generators”, “Green is the new normal”, “Future belongs to those with better ideas” etc. These undoubtedly find resonance among people, which is reflected by the increasing demand for our products in the market.”  – said Mustafa in a chat with Kenfolios.

Forgoing the easy path, Mustafa took the forbidden road to realize his dreams.  His father’s words echo in his ears that impossibility is only a mental construct and inspires him to face challenges head-on.  The inherent challenges of the valley, such as difficult terrain, low accessibility of resources, recurrent security issues, etc. were plenty of reasons for him to give up his pursuit of becoming an entrepreneur.  However, enlightening the remotest house while conserving energy was his only reason to cross all the hurdles.

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