Not An Ordinary Teacher, Her Vision Inspires Many

Mayuri Barman, Asst. A professor of Philosophy with 20+ years of teaching experience isn’t your regular teacher. Her teaching is not subjective; she has much more to offer. She envisions sharing and delivers a beautiful combination of the philosophical and scientific processes across the world.

She strives to do so with her determination, though it appears to be a tough task to achieve.  Being a philosophy professor, she always teaches her students how philosophy can enrich our lives as it is an excellent preparation leading to life-long learning and enhanced intellectual existence.

Her Philosophical Point Of View

Her thoughts started rolling over on how her insightful teaching can be beneficial for the students as a subject ‘philosophy.’ But then has realized that every student after graduation came to know the great importance of the subject that they utilized in everyday life.

She truly believes

“philosophy is itself a science as it helps us in our checks and balances of our daily lives. It is an understanding of ourselves, our ethics, and why we are, who we are, and from where we all came.”

And these are the critical questions that go through the minds of the students, and after they finish graduation, they can cope with life, where they attempt to create harmony with nature.

Vision & Achievements

She wanted to ensure her students and adopt the necessary skills required to succeed in every aspect of their lives. So, by learning philosophy, they benefit from themselves, but they will also motivate others to cope with their lives and have the courage to face any life problems.

In her 20 years of teaching in a college, her mission was to prepare the students to succeed in the world, taking into account the importance of the physical, mental, and other social aspects that contribute greatly to the human experience.

She has strived to focus on her second vision, which is, “How to be a successful academician.” When she completed her postgraduate and Masters of Arts(M.A) in philosophy in ‘First class First grade,’ received Gold Medal from Gauhati University’ with a specialization in Logic, her interest in environmental ethics took a new turn in life.

She started writing a research paper on ‘Environmental Ethics’ which later gave me more ideas on ‘Ecology.’ She also attended many International Conferences at Delhi (JNU), Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bihar, Shillong (NEHU). Her research paper got published in reputed journals. Later in life, she received a Ph.D. Award in the year 07-11-2008 under Gauhati University.

Final Words

However, her journey did not end here; she has written many journals, research papers & attended several international conferences.  Her teaching encompassed multidimensional flavors that went parallel and grew her expertise and experience in teaching and have been successful in her contribution to writing research papers.

She then got a recommendation from “the OPEN ASSOCIATION OF RESEARCH SOCIETY USA to write a research paper on their journal —‘GLOBAL JOURNAL OF SCIENCE FRONTIER RESEARCH’ and my research paper ‘Ecological Consciousness and Self Realization—an Identification: A step towards Spiritualistic Science’ therefore got published.”

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