See How The Terrific Trio Brings The Past In The Present Through Innovation And Renovation

Without art, where would we be? Without the influence of the past involving depth of cultural aspect, the invention would not bear to anything. Those who have the eyes for bringing the best of both worlds, that is art and technology, through their unique vision and zeal are the architects.

They are the ones who tick the mind of people through their passionate outpouring of designs and innovation. The terrific trio, Ar.Chaitanya Padal, Ar.Kinnera Varma and Ar. Radha Neela is the one who knows the value of incorporating art and technology with a hint of the past residing in its entirety.

The dream of making the dream of others come true was something that was shared by each member of the team. Their zeal to make it to the top manifested in the form of STUDIO INSCAPE. Starting their business in 2017 with a team of fifteen like-minded, young designers, they started their enterprise with only one set goal, that is to establish the past with the touch of new.

The Encouragement Behind Creating The Enterprise:

Having shared the same wish that met its fulfillment through the culmination of the enterprise, the trio wanted to witness their artistic imagination into a concrete manifestation. Having the desire to observe their own creation taking birth in front of them worked as a force inside them that motivated them to form this alliance.

“We are into this profession as Architecture is one of the very few fields where we actually get to see and experience what we have designed. It is a reflection of the time we are living in”.

Not only that but the possibility of merging the past and present into one manifestation so that the living quality can be improved by encompassing into it the best of the best that both the era has to offer. It not only makes them unique at this time of the year in the architectural field but creates a space where their demand is increasing.

The Inspiration Behind Their Work:

When asked about what inspired them to take this route of work, they prompted that several architects such as Geoffery Bawa, Charles Correa, and Bijoy Jain were their source of motivation.

Sharing a similar likeness to the phenomena called ‘modern regionalism’ that encapsulates the aesthetics of the past by incorporating technical advancement into the construction to make it more stable and relevant is something that invited them. This thought process helped them win Spacieux Silver Award 2020  for “House in the Farm”

Words Of Advice To The Young Mind At Work:

Knowing the challenges that this field possesses, how one has to click psychologically with the client by observing them, how one has to create a safe space for the client where both their ideas can meet and create, they have only one advice for those young minds that want to flourish in this field.

“Be dedicated and consistent in the pursuit of whatever profession you are in”.

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