Servicing domestic and international clients with wholesome marketing approach

Mahaveer Jain, Ram Nivas Bishnoi &  Abhishek Singh  – Co-Founders, RouteToMarket Media India Pvt Ltd

Established in 2017, by immeasurable experienced minds of the industry, RouteToMarket Media (R2MI) was formed with a sole vision to build a platform for the future to facilitate one-stop-solution for its clients. However, the seed was sown when one of the founder member, Mahaveer Jain started E-Cube Media as an event management company with 300+ Exhibitions, New Year Parties, and open-air concerts with renowned artists of Bollywood. Since then, R2MI has progressed rapidly and within a year it became an International sales & distribution and media management company working with clients such as Coca-Cola, Philips, New Balance, Moonwalkr, Beam Global et al.

Within a year of operation, R2MI got recognized as a wholesome, complete 360 Degree Business Solutions’ Factory. Professionals from varied field such as Sales & Distribution, Trade Marketing, ATL, TTL & BTL Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc forms the core team in R2MI, thereby making it a dynamic marketing organisation.

The three co-founders of R2MI have been the driving force behind its success. While Mahaveer is highly charged with ideas and carries a positive outlook to whatever he does, Abhishek is more of a strategist who designs go-to-market strategies for his clients. Whereas Ramnivas, a CA by profession, is the backbone for the finance and taxation and takes care of all the legal and financial compliances. Together they work in sync to manage some of the top MNCs as their client. As an all-round marketing agency, R2MI acts as a catalyst for brands looking to scale up their business by bettering their sales and marketing needs. Mahaveer elucidates that,

“We use Make in India, Fit India, and Digital India as platforms to plan and execute go-to market strategies for our clientele such as Philips, Coke, Beam Global, New Balance, Moonwalkr, ASICS, ITC etc. Our brand R2MI KREEDA focuses on solving Non-Sporting Issues for amateur, semi-professional and professional players in India.”

As a company, R2MI is largely inspired by the TATA Group and its ethical approach towards any business they are into. With a vision to build trusted relationships based on mutual respect, co-operation & investment in each other’s success, R2MI wants to ‘do right’ at all the time on behalf of its clients, customers, employees and other stakeholders. Ramnivas rightly explains the USP of R2MI, he says,

“Our motto is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘Ekoham Bahushyam’ which means – the one, who chose to become many. Spear headed by industry stalwarts – we focus more on touching lives and less on commerce.”

Every business goes through rough patches before hitting success and R2MI isn’t different. COVID19 has been hard to deal with. Achieving a growth of double digit during the pandemic has been a struggle and a learning. R2MI adopted early to look for businesses which could professionally be managed while Working From Home and they need not be from the IT industry. Without losing hope, the firm worked on building Virtual Marketing Assets, pitching and winning VR work from MNCs.

Winner of “India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020” and being nominated for “Emerging Start-Up of The Year 2019”, R2MI truly have come a long way. And to all the budding entrepreneur, Abhishek has some genuine advice,

“Have patience. It takes 999 days for a business to stabilise. Keep building relationship, it works.”

And unanimously the trio feels that their early years of grinding in various MNCs helped in creating a company at a later stage. So, yes, experience matters in running a company with all success in such a short span of time.

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