This Interior Designer is successfully shaping up his client’s dream into reality with impeccable planning and modern approach

Jaheed Rehmaan – Founders, Jaheed Rehmaan Ddesign

At the age of 25 when most of us would be wondering what our career moves should be, Guwahati’s Jaheed Rehmaan was comfortably poised with the idea of opening up his own venture into the field of Interior designing. And that’s how Jaheed Rehmaan Ddesign took its shape in the year 2004. Today after successfully meandering along the entrepreneurial path for last 17 years, this interior designing firm has its strong presence across all seven states of Northeast India. Just after graduating from Guwahati University, Jaheed got into freelancing and gained quick experience in his field of operation. And then with just a capital investment of 1.5 lac, he opened up his own firm in order to work independently and provide better output.

Besides being a well-qualified Interior Designer, Jaheed keeps himself updated with the latest design software in his field of work. He also imparts his knowledge among future designers through Guest Faculty role in some of the renowned institutes. He takes pride in the fact that in Northeast he is the only one who provides the design in 3D view using 3DS MAX software. It is his entrepreneurial bend of mind that pushed him to create something different in design sector and contribute to the betterment of the industry, and that’s why he started his own venture.

In Guwahati, Jaheed Rehmaan Ddesign captures a well-organized office space with qualified designers on his payroll, who relentlessly work hard to create wow effect in their design concepts. The best part of Jaheed’s firm is that they encourage the use of locally available materials and products in their concepts. He takes pride in using eco-friendly materials which helps to maintain proper balance between nature and technology. Besides giving shape to people’s dreams into reality through scientific approaches in an economical manner, Jaheed makes sure that local people are employed and are benefitted directly or indirectly. This noble gesture makes a sustainable growth for sure.

On asking, what exactly his firm is into, Jaheed candidly replies,

“With the help of science and art we make every interior spaces functional, safe, healthy and beautiful by proper space management, colour utilisation, lighting and decorative items. We specialize in Interior, Exterior, Landscape, Product and Exhibition designs.”

He also adds that all project related problems are taken care of. Right from budgeting, selection of materials and products, vendor management, time management, execution of design changes and et al are undertaken.

After so many years in the industry, Jaheed believes that maintaining a healthy relationship with clients always helps, it gives business through referrals. He wants to offer his full service to the entire North eastern states which is currently limited to few locations only. Professionally Jaheed draws inspiration from the nature, as it is the best creator which provides unique concepts day in and out. One should have eye for detailing to catch those concepts. It was his creative bend of mind and designing spirit that encouraged to start off with his own independent venture.

It’s natural to face challenges when you are off with your entrepreneurial expedition, and for Jaheed, during his early days, he had to face a lot of problem while executing the projects. At times to bring back things into track, he had to halt certain projects and concentrate on the others. But gradually, as he made progress, he developed an amazing execution team that makes project flow smoothly without any hassle. On enquiring about the future opportunities, Jaheed tells us,

“Guwahati is one of the fastest growing and expanding city in every sector, as well as in interior designing profession. Since the people of Guwahati is very much design conscious and very fond of innovative ideas, we have the opportunity to grow and give them what they want.”

Jaheed takes the pride in being the recipient of the “Best Trade Exhibition Design & Management” awarded by NETPDC. To the budding interior designers his advice is to be sincere and honest. To remain focussed and keep faith in self is the key to success. Good behaviour is another aspect that drives business and hence shouldn’t be discounted at all.

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