Shitiz Garg — Interior Design Industry’s Shining Star

Founder of Design Your Nest (, which is an Interior Design company based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Shitiz Garg is a 40-year-old entrepreneur who passed out as AB. Arch Graduate from IP University. Shitiz has a vast experience in residential architecture and Interiors for around 12 years now and currently, his company has a turnover of around Rs. 5 crores.

Before starting his own company, Shitiz worked with various brands as their architect PAN India and he learned a lot from the laborers who used to work at the construction sites. His main focus always used to be on learning everything about new materials, construction techniques, and the benefits of functionality. Shitiz Garg firmly believes in the concept of, “Form Follows Function” and it is a tool he strongly follows both for architecture and interiors.

He has a great conviction that when clients come to you with their thoughts and requirements, it is the company’s responsibility to respect them and do everything in its power to turn their vision into reality. If the team has contradictory thoughts, they should imply it to the client only if there’s strong logic behind it.

Shitiz founded Design Your Nest in 2020 and the business has completed over 120 projects to date with a budget ranging between 1 Lac and 1 crore. He started the company as a one-man army and ran the business through his bedroom. Today, he has an active team of 57 professionals including designers, project managers, accountants, carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, and raj mistrys. He also has a factory for modular furniture and in-house machines and they outsource anything.

According to Shitiz Garg, his company is working on five main points with its clients that are creating a huge impact in the market. These points include an exhibition center where the factory and the outlet are accessible to the clients in one place, installation of a CCTV camera at the site to allow clients to get a real-time update, vaastu compliance, a one-stop-shop for architecture as well as interiors, and a lifetime warranty on the plywood and laminates provided by the company.

Design Your Nest is into residential architecture and interiors and the company takes up complete turnkey projects. The team solves the problem of transparency and timely delivery as the team’s success ratio for providing handovers on time is over 95%. According to Shitz, the ability to build solid relations with the clients is the company’s USP as each member of the team considers the clients to be a part of their family. The company is currently working towards reducing its time of delivery without compromising on quality.

Shitiz started Design Your Nest because he was always passionate about creating a happy and exciting journey for his clients by helping them build their dream homes. He considers his family to be his biggest inspiration and the biggest struggle he faced throughout his journey was to find skilled workers. He overcame his obstacles by developing a strong connection with his workers and invoking a sense of responsibility in them.

The essentials required to start the business were a team of skilled workers, a factory setup, and clients. Shitiz believes that he’s unique as an entrepreneur because he’s extremely passionate about building new relationships with people and he’s understood that the most important thing in this industry is to industry what your client wants from you. He believes that every company should respect its client’s time and money and aim to give back more than what they’re investing in you. Design Your Nest has won over 20 International and National awards.

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