Providing IT support to domestic & global companies in networking domain, since inception

Nayaz Ahmed, Mohammed Rabban – Co-Founders, IBeON InfoTech Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

IBeON Infotech Pvt Ltd (, an ISO 9001-2015 certified company was founded two highly experienced techno-commercial expert, Nayaz Ahmed and Mohammed Rabban in the year 2011. For last one decade they are providing internet services, IT consulting & solutions, IT services & support, training & education creative & web development, human resource development & outsourcing, product sales and support etc. The firm is differentiated by the full-service portfolio that allows it to address diverse clients’ needs & deliver an integrated, one-stop solution. It is is registered under the trademark and incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. It is also in receipt of certificate of registration from KVQA, AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015/ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Services in serving their clients with quality service, time, and satisfaction.

IBeON Infotech is promoted with a mission not only to provide the most comprehensive services & solutions with excellence but to exceed the expectation of its clients through planned and continuous improvement of services with satisfaction, cost-effective manner, with the least amount of effort, delivering the maximum amount of output quality and value far exceeding competition. It is into developing of technological products, thereby contributing all the experiences in managing and optimizing development and implementation processes by delivering the best value to the clients by nurturing a friendly and cooperative work environment.

While addressing employment opportunities, Nayaz proudly states that,

“We are giving 100% placement to the fresh graduates who are unable to find IT jobs in the market due to lack of communication and other skills, after working very hard behind these types of candidates they fetch good jobs in IT industry and this definitely creates positive impact in the market and society.”

IBeON Infotech applies a world-class process for attracting and retaining the absolute best talent fit to advance any organization’s goals. A complete approach to skill and business strategy helps them to stand apart, keepings its clients ahead in today’s highly competitive market; as the global leader in talent solutions, it approaches each day with an uncompromising spirit of integrity and purpose. That’s where it differs from others. One can experience their unwavering commitment to working harder and caring to establish a compelling employee value proposition to attract top talent to meet their hiring needs.

The company’s prime focus is to bridge the industry gap between the skill crunch for clients and the employable gap for individuals. It acts as an active catalyst for the professional industry to match the needs and expectations of both employees and employers; because of the significant current mismatch, it has developed a turnkey solution – HTD (Hire Train and Deploy). After several brainstorming sessions, IBeON Infotech established the framework and put its existing local talent pool to work by enhancing their skills through high-end technical and case study-based training to bridge the gap for the desired project requirements by providing the HTD platform to help students.

The effort of IBeON is duly recognized by several industry bodies that ended up in recipient of some of the prestigious awards of the country. It has bagged “India Achievers Awards 2019 as Best Technical Training and Recruitment Services” in Bangalore, from, followed by “Rashtriya Ratan Award”, “Udyog Ratan Award 2019” from National Achievers Recognition Forum. In 2021, it received “Business Leadership Award” from Eminent Research, and recently in 2022, it was felicitated with “International Goal Achiever Awards” from The Goal Awards.

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