Taking High Risks For High Returns

Mr. Jayasimha- Owner, M/s Simha and Co

An ardent entrepreneur who is immensely passionate about his work- Mr. Jayasimha, the owner of M/s Simha and Co, has been into the Financial Accounting and Advisory sector since 30 years. This vigorous business professional, who loves what he does, bears a steady source of motivation that drives him to do his best. He initiated his venture after a bad phase of life and afterwards has only witnessed a steady growth! This passion led him to challenge himself every day and learn new skills which would help him to do better work. An immensely ambitious and driven personality – Mr. Jayasimha thrives on challenges. He constantly sets goals for himself to have something to strive towards! He is someone who is not comfortable with settling and always looks for opportunities to perform better and achieve the best. He believes, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

With the thoughts of owning a small business to leave an impact on the world, he incepted his venture, envisioning there is no finish line, but only mile markers! Looking to do something big professionally is what drove him to start his venture. “Personal love towards numbers made me to start up a financial advisor and tax planning entity, which now serves more than 500 clients all over Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore and southern part of India”, he acclaims.

Respecting the theories of ‘Swami Vivekananda’ and being immensely inspired by his life experiences, Mr. Jayasimha falls short of words to express the contribution of ‘Swami Vivekananda’ towards our nation and the world. He finds him as a unique personality in the mirror of this universe, who had contributed to almost every field by giving full proof theories such as poverty to industrialism. Deeply touched by Swami ji’s view that education is the true way of living a happy life, Mr. Jayasimha gets tremendously swayed by his speeches and looks up to him as the most inspiring factor for him.

Mr. Jayasimha is a kind of person who views struggles and problems as a part of life but he himself seeks converting those hardships and challenges into opportunities by forgetting the past and exploring the future. High risks and high return is what he always believe in, accepting the fact that he has tried to convert every challenge, risk and struggle in his life to opportunities. He recalls, “When I started the entity, I was very cautious; had professional approach but no selective assignments, making me accept every business that came on my way and completing them well within time.”

Having command over his subject, he was pretty confident of handling clients. Envisioning becoming the pioneer of tax planning, audit, taxation, financial advisors and planning; he targeted all the sectors in the marketing whether large consumer group or niche. He states, “Every market segment is the same from my point of view, fetching best business to everyone, which ultimately lets you survive in the market whatever the market or economic conditions be.”

Working at a startup, gave him an opportunity to understand the ins – and – outs of the industry, eventually letting him take on the tasks that he might not have at a larger company. He thinks out of the box, and this experience of his, has blessed him with a slight edge over others. He is the one who is never afraid of failures; in fact, he thinks it is an essential part of the experimental process that gets you to success.

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