The Aesthetic Appeal Of His Jewelry Pieces Has Created An Opening In The Market Where Nothing But Success Lies For Him

What we wear, how we walk, how we talk, and how we present ourselves bears a significant relevance. Our personality reflects who we are as a person, and our get-up is the bearer of that phenomenon that makes it all possible.

The task of a designer, be it a jewelry designer or a fashion designer, is to help one express themselves through their creation. Knowing the importance of how their creativity can make a change for a person, Vyom Bajpai, changed streams and showed interest in jewelry designing.

After acquiring his degree in Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from Jagran College of Arts, Science, and Commerce in Kanpur, he strived to pursue a course on Master Program in Gems and Jewellery from ISGJ, Surat. The course helped him to gain the knowledge and skill that he needed to give rise to his creation.

By assessing the mastery of ‘karigar’ in his institute, he got the inspiration and proficiency to create his pieces that soon became his beacon of hope. This ray of undying ambition led him to open his line of jewelry called ‘Damak‘.

Aged just 24, Mr. Bajpai gained the aptitude in the institute as he worked hard on understanding the aesthetic of diamond and jewelry designing, and honed his skills in the jewelry manufacturing unit. Who knew it would pay off so well that he’d get the inspiration needed to initiate his brand.

“I started working in a jewelry manufacturing unit. There I learned all about jewelry making, how the karigar worked. I crafted two-three jewelry pieces on my own, After that, I launched my brand ‘Damak’.”

What Damak is all about:

When asked about the essence of damak, Mr. Bajpai claims that it is the incorporation of new ideas, designs, and aesthetics pleasing is that makes the product of Damak more appealing to the eyes.

To make the consumers reciprocate to their uniqueness, they have incorporated strategic planning along with economic stability and basic techniques. Having a proficient knowledge of what the majority of the clients want, Damak focused on producing jewelry pieces that are budget-friendly, trendy, and unique designs.

“To appeal to the jewelry must be trendy, unique, and at the same time pocket-friendly. Consumers now are more receptive towards new ideas, designs, and products.”

He incorporated technology with aesthetics to bring a piece that would emanate an aura similar to that of the consumer. The incorporation of technical assistance was to make sure that the quality of the products is enhanced. Using techniques like Matrix, and the latest software for jewelry design, the illusion settings, and the lightweight methods, Mr. Bajpai established a line of jewelry with appealing results.

The concept of ‘detachable’ pieces has enhanced the effectiveness of the jewelry as one can wear it on multiple occasions, using multiple methods. It bears an economic as well as aesthetics significance which makes the consumer happy.

“This concept makes the product trendy and more wearable. Making it lightweight and using illusion settings and other such methods result in a reasonable retail price without sacrificing visual appeal.”

What makes an entrepreneur successful?

This subjective question has an objective answer. According to Mr. Bajpai, the dedication and the zeal he possesses to become Numero Uno in the realm of business is what makes one a successful entrepreneur. By developing a strategic study of the niche, one can help the industry grow.

Using their fascination and unique ideations, one has to fulfill the requirements of the customers because it is only through the fulfillment of the desires, one can get to the top. Another major point that he stressed is that

‘(Starting afresh) This is extremely crucial for an entrepreneur to understand the market supply-demand equations and survey the prevailing competition first’.

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