A True Genius In Literal Sense: His Contribution As A Scientist Will Remain Unmatched

Prof. (Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh, the owner of the AIMSR Jalgaon, M.S, India, is a remarkable man of knowledge. He is presently designated as Professor and Director in Technology and Management at KYDSC Trust’s Institute of Management & Sciences (IMS), Bhusawal, M.S, India.

He is also working for M.Tech and M.B.A courses for various subjects but few sound research domains are Robotics Vision, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Humanoid Intelligence, Bionics, Mobots, Advanced AI, International Business, Data Analytics, Bigdata Management, IoT, VO, MIS, HRIS Digital & Optical Electronics, Nanotechnology & Quantum Computing, Spintronics, etc.

Given this information, you can imagine the level of his astonishing profile. Not just this but he is qualified in M.S (ES), M.Tech (IT), M.B.A (HRM), M.B.A (MM), PGDM followed by M.Phil. He got his Doctorate in Management Studies DMS, D.B.M and Pursuing PhD. He did an Invited Talk, Keynote Speeches, Short Communication, and proposed research work in many reputed places like IITs, IIMs, NMU, PU, NU, and many of these kinds.

A Glimpse Of His Genius

Like you, we were also surprised by the many degrees that Prof. (Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh has attained. But, there is more to that. He has a total of 15 years experience in industries and Academics presented work at more than 123 conferences/symposiums and authored 61 international books and more than 124 research papers, short communication, and research reports worldwide. A few of them is in Germany, the  U.K, U.S.A, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, U.A.E, Italy, France, China, Romania, Spain, and Australia in the areas of Robotics, Bionic Brain, AAI, UAI, Quantum Computing, Information Technology, Medical & Surgical Robotics, Space Science, Management, Cosmology & Space Science and Electronics Sciences.

His Nine books were republished in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, German, French, Russian, and English in nine different international languages worldwide by Omniscriptum Berlin, Germany, and other Publishing houses worldwide and the book Next Level Vision in Artificial Intelligence  and Business of Different Thinking  we’re the most popular in them.

He is tutoring many students for a progressive research project in Technology and Management. He is also an editorial board member in different esteemed International journals of the U.K, U.S.A, Japan, and India. He has newly published his most promising book from Europe Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence”. He is an international reviewer, editor, and chief editor of several reputed journals worldwide. He is the author of potential with Amazon and Eliva publishing houses.

He also happens to be an OCM and PCM/TCM as well as a Speaker/Plenary Speaker of various National/International Symposiums/Conferences and Webinars across the world. One of the valuable liberal thinkers of Business Management and Artificial Intelligence.

The Source Of Inspiration

A man like Prof. (Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh has taken his inspiration from none other than the honourable A.P.J Kalam Sir. It is his wisdom that shed light on Dr Sheikh’s career.

He took his inspiration from various idols and celebrities who have different thinking on life. But mostly it is Sir A.P.J Kalam who has inspired his career choices.

What The Struggles Were Like?

Like in everyone’s life, the struggles were there in Dr Sheikh’s life. But it never stopped him from accomplishing his purposes. It is his exact words that you should see; he says

“At the beginning of my academic career my first research paper was rejected by 22 journals and after revision published finally in 23. But each time I got the opportunity to update and enhance my skill in the same and after that, there was no failure. Right now each day minimum I have 20 new emails for invited articles/papers/editorial/short-communication and I decide what to do.”

Even though at first it was difficult and different than today, he finally got the recognition he deserves.


He received his credential in numerous esteemed awards and recognition across the world and was honoured with the Outstanding Scientist Award, Distinguished Scientist Award, Innovative Researcher in A. I Award.

Other than that there is the Outstanding Researcher in Technology and Management Award, Most Ambitious Researcher of the Year 2020 Award, Innovative Scientist of 2021 Award, Man of Excellence Award, and Outstanding Educationist and Researcher of Business Management Award from reputed and acclaimed juries and institutions like RULA-WRC Award, VGGOOD Award, ISSN Award, IAF Award, TRR Award, IOSRD Awards, and Brand Opus Education Icon Awards.

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