The Best Financial Advisor In The Town, His Impeccable Journey Is Influential To The Core

Mr. Ritesh Kumar Sipany, the owner of SS ASSOCIATES, is a Kolkata-based businessman. He has completely changed the diagram of the Financial advisory and gained over 2500 clients in a short while.

The company was established in 2001 and currently generates 350Cr turnover with just 20 employees in it. This amazing success was achieved by an exhilarating journey of Ritesh Kumar Sipany, the owner, and his non-stop desire to accomplish his dream.

Ritesh started the company at 19 with a passion for learning, and to create his own work both professionally, and perfection is his ally. He has always served unconventional work & thought to influence society with his ideas for its betterment. Therefore, success today is simply the manifestation of yesterday.

What The Company Offers?

The company, SS ASSOCIATES, is a financial advisory office with 20 employees in it. Presently, as per Mr. Sipany, the company is set out to establish 25 offices all over India by the year 2025.

The company works to create a successful wealth creation for customers. His way of conducting programs from pillar to post welcomes the beginning of a single point where all insurance, financial, and property needs are delivered.

The company has provided a range of high-quality services at the scheduled time and a competitive cost to support the clients’ expectations. With 100% customer confidence and satisfaction for sustainable long-term relationships, SS ASSOCIATES brings real industry changes.

It further exhibits concern and spread awareness about financial literacy, Women’s empowerment by giving more opportunities to women, solving India’s problems, i.e., unemployment, and many things in recent years.

The Manifestation & Ideas Behind

By applying the quote of Dhirubhai Ambani- “Think Big Think Fast Think Ahead,” Mr. Sipany has shaped his success from scratch.

“Ambaniji inspired me a lot to dream high and achieve it as I always want that everyone knows me by my name in India.”

With this attitude and proper planning of his future, he spread financial literacy among the society and provided total financial services under one roof.

Nonetheless, like in every other profession, Sipany faced the backlash and people’s deliberate avoidance to listen to financial advisors. It was a long road and full of uncertainty, but his belief and trust in his work made the impossible happen with positive output.

“My learning from it was that society is unaware and doesn’t know the necessity of holding such plans…  I started spreading knowledge as a SPEAKER, NOT AS A SELLER.”

And gradually, with the right application of his skills as a phenomenal listener & communicator, he stood in the business and took it to the height of success. Today, make aspiring entrepreneurs take notes from his journey and to those who seek wisdom, Sipany conveys;

“Ambition without action is fantasy. Set a goal, write it down & get Started.”

For his indomitable excellence in the finance industry, he has received several recognitions. A few of them include; Excellent Insurance Business in Hongkong Carnival in 2017-18, Highest Fresh Insurance Business Non-Life in 2017-18, Highest Net Premium Health in 2015-16, Highest Fresh Insurance Business Non-Life in 2017-18, and many more.

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