The Gold Medalist Architect who now offers complete architectural solution to end users through his venture

Jeff Rodricks – Owner, JW Rodricks Architects

After gaining experience with a reputed architectural firm for almost 2 years, Jeff Rodricks, established his own business at the age of 24 years with a capital investment of 5 lac. He was a bright student and is the recipient of Gold Medal in architecture. Post completion of studies, when he started working, the work environment wasn’t conducive and pushed him further to improve his skills and work ethics for the current market. And without giving a second thought, at an early age of his career, he decided to take the plunge in the ocean of entrepreneurship. He courageously picked up few personal projects, survived those initial jolts and established his firm. It was his desire to have his own firm that played a major role in finding “JW Rodricks Architects”.

Established in 2017, this Architectural & Interior Consultants firm not only manages to delight its customers but every project that is undertaken employs dozens of workers, thereby generating employment opportunities at a large scale. Their designs and outlook provides a sustainable and cost effective proposal to its clients that affects how the society perceives every building and structure. Understanding client’s need and providing the best possible solution has always been the motto. Fulfilling clients’ need by helping them achieve aesthetical yet functional design options in the most cost effective manner in a short term period, have also earned JW Rodricks Architects a lot of equity in the market.

Jeff’s entry into entrepreneurship was rather inspired by his family’s business background. It was within his gene. Coming from a family of businessmen into construction industry, architecture and interiors came in as a natural choice for this dynamic architecture. Besides being creative and innovative, listening to clients and stick to their requirement is the basic business requirement for this category to flourish, which Jeff and his team has been doing since inception. The fact that JW Rodricks Architects delivers high quality designs with technology enabled advanced solution is something that has been the talk-of-the-town. With a bright future ahead, Jeff plans to spread his service pan India and aspires to be a part of A-list architects.

He is indebted to his mentors and seniors who has always been his professional idols, from whom he learned the tricks of the trade. With rapid urbanisation and people’s increasing wish to have a dream cosy place, business has been on rise for Jeff. However, there has been some ups and downs in his venture. He candidly tells us,

“Architecture is a demanding profession and when you make it your business you have to give it your all. Balancing personal/social life & work is tedious, when your entire business is on word of mouth. Eventually focus gets shifted towards social events as much as possible, since it helps in getting new clientele.”

Jeff feels that willpower and a well set vision is most important in running your own business, while rest all eventually falls in place. Grabbing the right opportunity at the right time also plays a vital role in any business’ success. In real estate sector, opportunity was always there & he was lucky to cross the right client at the right time and things clicked for him. Every business and its proprietor is driven by some core principles & for JW Rodricks Architects, it is to provide clients with most amiable yet functional designs which are not only aesthetically appealing but are extremely functional. With an aim to bring in change in the society wherein most explicit breathable spaces can be created by blending utility and design excellence. Creating an out of box experience for the end users would always be the top priority.

This “National Business and Service Leadership 2021” awardee believes that one should simply go for the kill, if they have a vision. Before signing off, he shares some anecdotes from his experience to the budding entrepreneurs in this field, he says,

“Things are never stable, you are not always on a high & sometimes you face problems or losses, but if your basics are strong then you can restart from where you left.”

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