The Interior Designer couple who converted their passion into a successful venture

Uday Kiran Rajeshuni – Founder, Uday & Snehitha – Designers and Architects

With the USP of unique ideas and space utilization, Uday & Snehitha Designers and Architects were established in 2019, and have been doing a lot of projects in a town of Warangal. They are among a very few that works on good standards and unique ideas to life, and are slowly being widely recognized in the market and all its clients are really happy and satisfied about the space they live in. Residential interiors have been their forte and the firm is consistently delivering on their promises since inception with almost 15 projects per year.

Uday Kiran Rajeshuni, the proprietor of this design and architectural firm is a man of dreams who has widely travelled 44 countries, and puts in his observations and experiences into his designs and concepts effectively. He has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from Florence Design Academy, Florence (Italy) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Space & Equipment Design from MIT’s Institute of Design, Pune. He has also won international contests and recognized by reputed brands like Heineken, Ricard, and University of Cornell etc.

He fondly recalls his initial years and states,

“Since my childhood, I’ve been watching my Civil Engineer dad, plan and draft spaces. There was a time when I was sub-consciously doing the same learning from him. As me and my wife Snehitha are into Interior Design, we both started working together and started a firm.”

Today, through his own firm, he is now serving his clients with excellent designs and fascinating concepts, thereby churning happy customers. With an aim to venture into more commercial spaces, design café’s and restaurants, they are slowly strategizing to widen their offerings.

It was his passion for designing spaces that got him into freelancing and thereby setup his on company along with his wife.  Mr Anand Belhe, Dean of CEPT University, Ahmedabad has been the source of his inspiration. He was his mentor during those internship days. Uday is indebt about all that he has learnt from him about how to do simple, easy on eyes and long-lasting design and manufacturing. Even today, he feels like travelling cities to meet this great persona and have some great conversation about designs.

No success comes without its share of struggles and ups & downs. Uday to had pass through the same phase during his initial days. He started out as a Product Designer. It wasn’t easy in the beginning. He had clients with good ideas but there wasn’t enough help with manufacturers nearby and the scope felt limited. He was doing Interior design along with products and it took off well. So, he slowly got transformed into a full-time Interior Designer. Also, it wasn’t easy to start all alone; he had to wait for experienced draftsman, 3D modelers and renderers to come onboard as a Freelancer, before he took off with flying colours. Over the period, his work spoke volumes and projects came knocking to his doors through positive word-of-mouth & some bit of Instagram showcasing.

Uday feels that all his ideas and problem solving abilities are linked to his travelling experiences. He shares,

“I have designed a portable science lab for school kids. It’s a unique concept where Science experiments can be performed in classrooms and it’s portable. It was a lot of fun designing it. Unfortunately, the company didn’t take off as expected but the project is close to my heart.”

Also, as per current trend, he has incorporated green materials in all of his projects, like terracotta bricks, lead free paints etc.

Before signing off, to all young wannabes, he has few practical tips to share – be open about accepting challenges, remain updated with new happenings in the segment and interactions and networking would immensely help in setting up ones on firm.

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