Offering ‘pin to plane’ solutions for interiors and architecture through bespoke services

Pritesh Vasa – Creative Head, Vasa Design Associates, Mumbai

High end residential interiors have been a growing market and is larger now than ever. And with bespoke, comprehensive design solutions offered by Vasa Design Associates, it didn’t take long for opportunity to knock doors. In 2012, Vasa Design Associate was formed to cater one-stop solution for all design related requirements, specializing in bespoke designs of both residential & commercial spaces. Being all service provider under the same roof, it eliminates the challenge of coordinating with multiple agencies involved, thereby streamlining the projects, preventing the time slippage & increasing overall efficiency in the works.

Vasa Design Associates’ founder & creative head, Pritesh Vasa has always been a curious soul with fascination towards art & architecture. Whether it was sketching at school or building with Lego as a child, his progression into design was natural, fulfilling all his desires to combine creativity with practicality and problem-solving approach. Being a self-taught musician, he believes, architecture too, like all forms of art has a Rhythm, the key is to find it & let it evolve. In his own words,

“I believe that good design is often invisible, it is the functionality that imparts its value; and that’s the USP of our work. Our design process is detail oriented with primary focus on the functionality while simultaneously creating aesthetically gratifying habitats.”

After being 10+ years in the industry, Pritesh wanted to follow his own compass, mainly after extensively studying & working on different design forms. He started with Vasa Design Associates to explore his own design identity & make a dent out there in the market. His father has been the inspiration behind all of it – both professionally and personally. His life lessons are a bible to him. Even though he did face some initial hardships, Pritesh feels that they are more like learnings. When one is passionate about what they do, then these struggles teach them and chisel them into a strong character. It’s hard work, love for work and dedication that matters, and eventually leads to a successful path ahead.

Pritesh doesn’t want to single out any project, rather he gives due credit to each of them, as each of the projects has been an experience in itself and special in its own unique way. However, understanding client’s requirement and delivering as per his expectation is the key to remain afloat in business. Every client is unique in its own way. Understanding & addressing this paradigm is of utmost importance. After all, it would make no sense if all the skills & knowledge cannot justify the client’s trust in Vasa Design Associates.

Before signing off, Pritesh candidly shares his views with the budding entrepreneurs in this line of business,

“I believe unlearning is a much-overlooked aspect in our department. One has to constantly Unlearn to make space for new ‘Learnings’, ideas and concepts. Hence, its crucial to Learn to Unlearn.”

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