The Man Who Never Gave Up Is Now Successfully Running A School With Pride

Mr. Arvind Kumar Soni, head of the organization believes only hard work could make his dream a reality. Since the school’s inception in 2017, the organization has faced several challenges but finally completed the dream of nine board members which helped students to get all kinds of educational development. Through this entire rough patch, he had immense faith in the team & the organization that it will be successful. As he says, “In my words, my directors who are 9 jewels are the main pillars of this organization .We are ready for all kinds of challenges like  COVID -19”.

Through the time of the pandemic, they have not seated idle and started the session early from April with online classes. Sanskar International School has already carved a place as the “educational hub”. The academic results both in the internal /CBSE examinations and other competitive examinations have been outstanding and the students are bettering previous performances with the amazing team of faculty.

“Every child is unique and is born to excel in different walks of life. Education should provide the opportunity for each and every child to manifest their unique skills.”- A.K Soni


After listening to him, we understand where he got so much courage and wisdom. He is an admirer of Swami Vivekananda and thoroughly follows in his footsteps. He tells us, “Swami Vivekananda suggested to try to give up jealousy and conceit and learn to work unitedly for others. Patience and steady work, according to Swami Vivekananda, this is the only way to get success.” And we cannot agree more!

Schools’ Vision & Mission

According to Mr. Soni, his school runs on very strict principles and has many things to conquer. “Our vision is the Appreciation of the Human Resource with language, technical and life skills to lead in this fast-paced world,” says he. He further continues by saying “Our Mission is to provide quality education to one and all through a well –structured curriculum That is holistic in its perspective “.

The school offers nothing but great learning. Kids here are encouraged with several materials, tools & worksheets. It provides an open environment to explore their imagination with the help of committed teachers. The school encourages the students to spread their arms of imagination, compliances, expressions & techniques, etc. Children are able to present the achieved knowledge in front of others and after receiving knowledge, in such an environment, they believe that students score high, fulfilling the greatest height of success in life.

In 2020, the school has finally got the recognition it deserves, it is in name with national and international level sessions 2019-20 we were awarded the ISA Dubai and Education world award. This proves that being determined to your dream will clear the right path and vision.

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