This Man Is Changing Countless Lives Through The Noble Profession Of Teaching And Shaping The Minds Of Youth

This truth is universally acknowledged that teaching is considered to be the noblest of professions. Therefore the teachers themselves should have a steady and solid background to help others. Sohom Roy Chowdhury, Assistant Professor of Sachinandan College of Education, helps young aspiring teachers fulfill their dream.

What Does He Do?

Soham has been in the profession of teaching for a long while. Initially, he started as a contractual lecturer at a state government aided teachers training college back in2015. From then, he moved on to be a part of the Rabindra Bharati university department of education. Currently, he is serving in the rural area college, Sachinandan College of education, while simultaneously pursuing his doctoral degree from Rabindra Bharati University.

Teaching is for the betterment of society. Considered the noblest of professions because it can shape and enlighten countless people’s lives, thereby making the world a better place to live in. Sohom precisely does that. He considers his moral responsibility to work relentlessly to make society a tad better place for civilization’s flourishment. In his own words, on being asked what he does, he says,

“Shaping the minds to be a better person who will help to make society a better place in the coming future.”

His Personal Life And Inspirations

Every one of us is molded and shaped by many factors in our lives. How we end up in our respective lives is often determined by this. Therefore it is no different for Sohom also. He considers himself to be immensely lucky as he got numerous brilliant teachers in his lifetime. Thus it is his dream to shape and create many such teachers of the future who would have an active role in making their contemporary society a better place to live in. On being asked his USP, he says, “Love for the profession is my USP.”

According to him, there is much more work to be done in the teacher education field’s realms and intends to fulfill all his responsibilities with sheer enthusiasm. He considers passion to be the most important driving factor in his profession. Interestingly he does not consider himself unique. He says, “I don’t consider myself as unique. I always cherish the idea that work is worship.”


He is widely recognized in his field. Being associated with such a professional ensures the fact that there is a persistent flow of respect coming in the way. He has received the ‘Best Researcher Award’ by the Indian Academic Researchers Association (IARA) in the year 2019.


Sohom is continuing to shape society daily. He loves what he does and will continue doing so as upon him depends on many’s lives. His advice to young people is

“I always cherish the idea the passion for work and good behavior is the keys to success. Make your choice wisely and stick to it from the core of your heart.”

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