The Story Of Timeless Art

The distance from a four-walled room to bringing life to an apartment is what interior designing is all about. A modern art form that has slowly slipped out of the hands of the mothers in the family to professionals speaks volumes about the difference it makes in the lifestyle.

Well, who has ever looked at a boring whitewash and written fairy tales?

Interior designing is a growing field, a very competitive one at that. Surviving through the ups and downs of a business that requires both analytical and creative skills is a hell of a task. But, Lakshmi Priya Bogala, director of Dream Nest has been doing that job effortlessly for quite some time now. She has brought essence to innumerable buildings for the past three years, while she manages to keep her business blooming.

Let’s know something more about the life of this magnificent lady.

Entering the business world at the young age of 21, Lakshmi Priya had her goals set straight. She graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture. Not just that, she even has a formal education in Interior Architecture from the Academy of Art University. Her interest in the field drove her to work with one of her faculty members.

Being an entrepreneur at the age of 21 must have been difficult, but her passion for creating spaces and environments that tell a visual story never let her down. Lakshmi Priya and her cousin Suresh Kumar started their studio with a focus on residential and hospitality projects. Lakshmi Priya believes that her investment at that time was her trust, hard work, and creative skills. Well, no doubt that she has earned innumerable happy clients in return.

Interior design is like fashion,” states Lakshmi Priya. Creating timeless masterpieces, classic but edgy; is her day-to-day work. Her signature style is modern interior design style encouraging the mingling of new and original forms, architecturally clean shapes, and richly detailed work in vintage aesthetics. This woman is a master in bringing the best of both the classics and the unique styles of today. But everyone has their share of struggles. In the initial days, even she had to face challenges such as time management, cost reduction, finding the right people, and the most important-understanding and managing expectations. With time, gaining strength from her father who inspires her to do dare, and her husband, she overcame all of it.

Her spirit to design inspires everyone. But what inspires her the most? Anything and everything. Lakshmi Priya says,

” Things that cross my eyes and hand, you can make magic with anything. From a piece of fabric to the hugest artifact to be placed in the center of a room.”

According to this ingenious woman, spaces can be interesting, glamorous, and fun to work on With the appropriate selection of colors, textures, and details that catch the eye.

Although what she loves the most about designing is not just the outcome but the process of it. She believes the art of interior designing is a journey, even a portrayal of your character. The first interview with the client, a blank paper till the day of the photoshoot when her project is finished. the sketching, the questionnaires, the mood boards, the models, the furniture, everything; brings her a sense of satisfaction and gives her the joy of being.

Her advice to anyone starting their business?

Set your goals right! Determine what services you want to offer, focus on your style and specialty, build a website, work on that pending portfolio, and last but not least promote your business right. She even focuses on accepting failure as a part of the journey and believing in oneself.

Today she is working as the director of Dream Nest Interior based in Madurwada, Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh is successfully running with happy clients. Her story is that of success and never letting her obstacles make her look the other way. Her will and determination to achieve have made her the businesswoman she always wanted to be. She looks forward to her work bringing satisfaction to clients in the future with her experience, which we are sure will be one beautiful journey.

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